The Beginning of Crypto for Me: LiteCoin.

Recently I decided to delve into the whole world of cryptocurrency after having seen an investment app on the AppStore, Bux where you can supposedly invest from as little as GBP£0.25p, now obviously if you have any sense before you download an app, through any of the platform stores (AppStore, Google Play, Windows Phone Store) you read the reviews and so I obviously read the reviews, and especially if its finance related you don’t want to invest money into something that you’re going to make a loss on – even though it is risky playing on the markets, even if was the minimal sum of investing from £0.25p, sure…no one wants to lose even £0.25 in this day & age. So obviously, before anyone does any investing of any kind they must do their research and everyone knows that the world of cryptocurrency is a volatile one, we’ve seen nightmare stories of people who have lost their entire livelihoods over Bitcoin, affected marriages, broken homes but if you look at why, they have not invested wisely, they’ve invested with one word that comes to mind…GREED, lots of human sharks out there, mind you, I’d give a lot more credit to a Great White than a lot of humans. And what have they got in the process? Buried in debt, lost family, lost friends. Simply because they haven’t been cautious. But, at the same time that we have seen tremendous losses (click here), we have also seen tremendous successes (click here) and one such guy who lost through Bitcoin but then made it back, substantially (click here) – I found an interesting analysis you should read.

One other thing I have taken note of is Miner One, based in Sweden which I do intend on looking at more in-depth when I am in more a situation to do so.

How Did it Start for me:

Interestingly on the app post I saw on Facebook I saw a Facebook user asking if it worked, I naturally thoughtfully replied that it had awful reviews. Moments later there was a response from who is now my mentor notifying me of this programme to get involved in Litecoin and so I risked it for a biscuit and instantly PM’d them and we spoke about it, I invested in 0.1LTC (Litecoin) at GBP£15.00 with an interest base rate of 1.4% per day (0.35% every six hours), if I however refer someone to the system, depending how much they invest I will get 10% as soon as they invest and every time they reinvest and that is how the system works. This will be the same for anyone. So if I refer Joe Bloggs, he comes on board by clicking my referral link I provide him, or her…so that will be Joe Bloggs and, if its a she I guess it will be Joanna and when they refer someone they get 10% of whatever is invested and then later reinvested.

An Unexpected CHEAP jump to Bitcoin:

Cheap you say? Yes, I say cheap but, what is cheaper than FREE? You read right, free. My mentor once again sent me a message this morning with a referral link to free 0.0005BTC, once I reinvested I had 0.00050000BTC. I just now sit on that (or deposit). Every sum I deposit into the BitCoinReactor I will receive 162% return over the next thirty days. Even if I just sit on it, which I will as I don’t want to take too much of a risk due to the uncertainty behind cryptocurrencies, despite the various positive analysis given and the dramatic Bitcoin price surge this last week it is still important to be cautious, as is with any investment on the stock market. Remember, analysis is analysis, its just like a popularity poll prior to election day, as the past showed us with Brexit and Trump, a poll is just a poll…analysis is just analysis, though the analysis on Bitcoin has been a lot more accurate than Brexit or Trump ever were.

Where to After my Thirty Days:

Well, I could withdraw my free worth of Bitcoin but, as its free, do I? Logic says no, my gut instinct is telling me, no. So where to from here for me post thirty days? To a system called the BtcAutoBuilder (click here) which costs 0.0167BTC to join, roughly GBP£120.00 (at the current rate) – if the rate stays the same I should be able to cover it with my interest from the BitCoinReactor and then the games truly begin – but HOW do they begin you ask? Again, on a referral basis and so, I find two people who in turn find another two and therein begins a cycle until we get to level six and are then given twelve bitcoins each which at a current rate are worth, roughly GBP£79, 000 (which would total GBP£948, 000) and then you can call it a day and walk away or you can go and play the game elsewhere.

Interested in BtcAutoBuilder:

A minor catch here, an individual cannot just join BtcAutoBuilder, they require a sponsor who is already in the system and as I am not in the system at the moment I am not in a position to sponsor anyone and unless you have the patience then we can wait until the thirty days are up and I’d be more than happy to guide you through the process. If you don’t have the patience to wait for me I can refer you to my mentor who will in turn sponsor you in.

Got a Plan Batman:

And so, are you interested in the CryptoCurrency Revolution? Fancy going cheap on Litecoin to start? Fancy joining me on iCentre Lite Bot?

If you are drop me a message in the contact form below and we’ll take things from there by me sending you a referral link to the bot and we’ll get you zooming along the road to financial freedom…the crypto way and then hopefully we’ll continue our journey together in the BtcAutoBuilder – c’mon, whatcha say? Lets do this!