A New Home, A New Life: Where Will You Go? Countries Where You Can Get a Second Passport with the Right Amount of Money.

Some people were lucky enough to have been born into wealth, others have worked for what they have, there are those who have made their millions in cryptocurrencies and the very lucky, select few have won the lottery, for instance the EuroMillions Lottery for tomorrow  is a jackpot of GBP£49m and that amount would happily cover any of the nations below with a lot of change to play with, some more than others, but generally you would be very happy wherever you moved.

When we look to migrating it is exciting, yet daunting at the same time. In most cases people who are migrating have already been to the country they have chosen to move to, but the move will still be daunting as nine times out of ten the migrant (s) will still have a lot more to discover – sometimes it is daunting, others it will be the excitement of the unknown. But, what do you have to take into consideration when migrating, one would have  to take many many factors into consideration – such as quality of life, cost of living etc. `But, what is the definition of quality of life, or QoL?

Standard of health, comfort and general happiness – this will include social and personal security. These are factors that all need to be taken into consideration, it’d be foolish if one would relocate without having done as much homework as much as they can of their chosen new home.

A few weeks ago I was trawling Business Insider UK and came across an interesting article, knowing it was possible I was interested to see these countries that faired so well that people would be willing to spend hundreds of thousand to millions of British pounds or US dollars for a new citizenship. Naturally, as I think anyone would picked out five countries I would pay for citizenship, hypothetically speaking but of course, it is always good to check these things out though.

So the following moving down are my top five countries I would move to, with all things taken into consideration, from childhood dreams and memories to current and future aspirations.

5. Antigua and Barbuda.

From a minimal sum of EC$250, 000 citizenship could be yours and makes it the cheapest on my list, as this is the Caribbean we associate it with crystal blue waters, white sands, glorious sunrises and sunsets across the Caribbean ocean and not to mention if you are like me and are fascinated with pirate history, as these will be the waters and areas that the famous pirates once sailed and plundered – but the romance behind it is hardly something we can shun. Is this all we’re going to look at though? What else do we have to take into consideration? Of course, the standard QoL comes into play here.

With a total area of 422km (171m), a population of 94, 684 and a life expectancy of 75.5 years for men and 77.6 years for women makes for an attractive location on its own but what about the cost of living?

Of course, naturally it would be almost impossible to gauge the exact cost of living due to the fact that data is not always easily captured, but enclosed is the most up to date data I could find but as the quality of life in Antigua and Barbuda is known to be relaxed and friendly it would be something to consider.

But what does one have to do, surely paying an amount is not just that simple, well – no, its not BUT, considering one was to make their millions in cryptocurrencies or are from a wealthy background or have been lucky enough to make your millions on the lottery its worth it because you will still have a lot of money to play with, especially with only having to spend EC$250, 000. But here are three steps how to get citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.

Beach in Antigua
  • Real estate investment of at least EC$400,000 (GBP£112,068.00
  • A donation to the National Development Fund EC$250, 000 (GBP£70,042.50)
  • A EC$1.5m (GBP£420,194.81 in an existing but newly created business venture.

Business in Antigua and Barbuda.

Then comes the future, of course most people who have scored their millions really don’t need to work but then there are some who would get bored and would want to keep something going so it might be of interest to see which small business opportunities are available:

Small Business Opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda.

4. Spain.

What is Spain best known for to you? For me, as a former red wine drinker (Faustino Gran Rioja’s were my favourite, other than a great Cabernet Sauvignon from France, but Spanish and Italian wines were my favourite) was red wine.


So of course with this probably being one of the best countries in the Mediterranean this has got to fall in the list of one of the five countries I would move to, of course there is the mainland, then there are the islands which is what interests me the most, those islands being La Palma, Gran Canaria, Majorca, Tenerife, Ibiza.

Tenerife, Punta Brava

But, what is the key to a “Golden Visa” for Spain? Like Antigua and Barbuda you have three options which are,

  • Minimum investment of EU€500 (GBP£442,506.47) in real estate.
  • After five years, applicant can request permanent residency.
  • After ten years, applicant can request citizenship

With it being significantly bigger than Antigua and Barbuda with a total size of 505, 370km (195, 124mi) the population is naturally larger standing at 45, 846, 295 this will naturally bring more opportunity, too. Again, life expectancy not being a bad limit either. Life expectancy is a bit less though, but still not a bad age. Men being 78.2 years, women being 84.4 years.

To me, wherever you settle I believe you should have some opportunity open to you and so what would you want to do? Of course we are all different but there will always be opportunity to go into business. Of course if you are retiring the last thing you want to do is carry on working but if you are my generation and have done well for yourself but want a new life with an alternate citizenship and home, why not check out the business opportunities Spain has to offer.

3. Canada.

With a total size of 505, 370km (195, 124) and a population of 45, 856, 295 this boasts a pretty comfortable country which is the worlds largest producer of agricultural products and is also famous for maple syrup, producing 80% of the worlds maple syrup reserves.

Canada is also know to be one of the fairest political societies in the modern world and full of opportunity and so, how would one go about gaining access? Unfortunately due to the actions of the few the many have to now suffer as it has become harder to get in than it used to be, these are the following opportunities. It is however significantly more difficult to get into Canada than it used to be but if you have the dollar it is still an attractive location.

  • Citizenship applicants must have resided in Canada for a fixed period of three years within a four-year timeframe.
  • Applicants must have legally-obtained net worth CAD$1.6m (GBP£921,168.20)
  • Applicants must possess a minimum of three years experience in planning, finance, Human Resources, or general management.
  • Applicants must state their intention to settle in the province of Quebec, and sign an agreement to invest $800,000 (GBP£460, 584. 10)

Of course, with this being significantly different to both Spain and Antigua and Barbuda this is for serious investors rather than someone looking for a retirement home.

Small Business Opportunities in Canada

2. United States.

Believe it or not but the United States is one of the easiest and most affordable countries to enter, provided you follow the exact letter of the law. With a total area of 9, 632, 30km (3, 718, 948 mi) this really does make the American dream sound more real. With an equally massive population of 329, 159, 900.


With residency from US$500, 000 (GBP£378,200.00) this does make it one of the cheapest countries on my list but doesn’t quite bring it to number one, though since I was a child the ideal of the American Dream and its history has always sparked something inside of me. Tales of the Wild West always spur my imagination (being a writer) and I have always cherished the ideal of the American Dream, to me and from every American I personally know it is what embodies American freedom from the founding of America but despite this it still remains at number two on my list of the seventeen on the original list.

So what attracts us to the United States, besides the people and the fifty states that make up the United States, and of course the Declaration of Independence and the constitution?

Lets have a look at what will award you your residency/citizenship in the US of A:

  • Investment of US$500, 000  (GBP£378,200.00) in a targeted employment area (thats just given me visions of Top Gun, ‘now this is what I call a target rich environment’), regional centre.
  • Direct investment of US$1m (GBP£756,495.00) in an American commercial enterprise.

Of course, this is what makes it one of the most attractive and cheapest options in my list.

  1. New Zealand.

Then last but certainly not least, my number one country I would pour money into, New Zealand has always been an attraction for me and why? It is the closest thing to how I grew up in Zimbabwe, its a very similar culture. But as I have got older and wiser to how the world works outside of Zimbabwe in the first world and as the UK has been my window to the world and loved the view I have been spreading my horizons, but why New Zealand?

New Zealand is pretty diverse in terms of geography and meteorology and is divided in two, North Island and South Island and I come from a farming family in Zimbabwe, and land in New Zealand is known to be very fertile and so, why not…in a way revisit my childhood and yeah, I can have horses wherever I go but New Zealand has a special place in my heart, it has since my early twenties and its been cemented as time has gone on. So, what does it take to get us into New Zealand? It really isn’t the cheapest of options but to me the best. In life its quality over quantity.

Auckland, CBD, North Island
  • An investment of NZ$3m (GBP£1,539,515.32) over four years.
  • An investment of NZ$10m (GBP£5,131,100.00) over three years.

And although these prices do make it the most expensive on the list it outweighs the others by a significant margin for me, quality over quantity. This is undoubtedly where I would pour my money.

Christchurch, South Island

Original Business Insider UK Article: 17 countries where money can buy you a second passport or ‘elite residency’