My Take of Apple over Microsoft

In my years of working with computers (since 1997) I have primarily worked on Windows, both professionally and for pleasure – I’ve worked on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 2000, XP and then finally Windows 10, I have to say that for me I preferred XP and 10 the best and loathed Vista with a passion.

I am a relatively new Apple user with my first Apple device being my very first iPhone 5c which I purchased last year when I got enough of my Samsung S3mini giving me gip. Android was really annoying me and did not find it as stable a platform as everyone had been raving about – several friends of mine had been swearing by their iPhone’s and so I decided to give it a try. I took the plunge and bought my first iPhone, all I can say is it is the very first smart phone I have owned that I have not looked back on, in fact – there is no going back, I am stuck with iPhone.

Now, I am by no means an IT expert and I don’t claim to be, I never will claim to be what I’m not but what I am is an end-user, as are many of us. Recently a friend of mine sold me his MacBook Pro and though this is not the first time I have used OS X, having had my first introduction to using an iMac of one of my best mates in 2007 and then I used this same model  MacBook Pro in 2014. I instantly fell in love with Apple, both with my mates iMac and the other one. But, one thing I could not do is afford one.

As a writer I already knew that Macs were the way to go due to their functionality, their preinstalled publishing software, as well as the software that you can get for writers on Mac that you cannot with Windows, I for years desperately wanted a Mac but I feasibly could not afford one and so I stuck to Windows. Last year I purchased an Asus running Windows 10 of which I had to replace three times until it worked properly, it was brand new that I bought from PC World in the Easter Mega-Deal Sales. At that point I desperately wanted to get back into my writing and so had already started saving for a MacBook Air but then the sales came along and my patience wained and so went to PC World to buy a Windows laptop – if anything it has taught me to be patient.

Towards the end of last year a very close friend dropped me a message to say that he was selling both his iMac and his MacBook Pro and that he’d sell the Pro to me for £200, well – I jumped at the chance. We worked out a payment plan and I knew my friend who I was living with at the time was interested in a laptop, so I offered my laptop to him and due to the favours he’d done me told him to name his price. Expecting it to be quite a low price he offered me a very generous price and so we arranged on when we’d do the transfer. And as such am now a proud MacBook Pro 15″ early 2011 model. All I can say is I love it.

Here I will give my own experience of OS X vs Microsoft Windows (aka-Win-blows). As a first time, long-term end-user of MacBook and OS X I will touch on both the hardware and software benefits for me.

MacBook Pro and OS X Sierra:

  • Its interface is entirely user friendly, the machine itself is designed with the end user in mind and the end user being the artistic types; the writers/authors, musicians, painters.
  • OS X Sierra works perfectly for me, it is easy to find your way around, again, entirely user friendly and not at all complicated. The applications available are great, something that completely outdoes Microsoft Windows.

Here I am ranting about Apple and while I know that there are users out there that absolutely hate Apple products – its understandable that we all have preferences. For me I do not ever see myself going back from iPhone or from Mac, OS X is good for me, it works better for my needs than Microsoft ever did.

I’m a writer, I have plans to further my writing and have an idea for a project that I want to start working on, by way of a screen writing course and whilst I am doing that a project that I want to focus on at the same time. And as many of my fellow writers also use Apple because it works better for us than Windows ever did. It is also easier to crunch away on the keys of a Mac than it ever was on a normal laptop.

So for me, bring it on. There is no going back.

Going the Distance – New Website

When I was given the encouragement to create my own webpage and take it from to my own domain by the guy who is now hosting my page I thought about it but again today I have learnt yet another lesson within my journey. When I came up with I didn’t think about the full distance, I didn’t really think about the goal, I didn’t think about my full potential as a writer, I thought about just a very small part of it, blogging. I didn’t think about the long term, I thought about the interim. I went as far as thinking about implementing vlogging into the future of my journey, that’s as far as I went…

The problem is, so I have noticed within the last two days is I have not applied myself into thinking about the future, into “GOING THE DISTANCE” and that distance is as I have said above, my full potential as a writer. And what started this was a website I found entitled Helping Writers Become Authors which naturally made me think of the draft stories I have in place, not the biographical drafts I have started on but the novels. And on going through this website yesterday I noted each and every little detail of the creation of the website, the site owners/authors words and pieces, as well as blog updates.

My problem here is I created gtaylorblogging, the problem with this is it doesn’t encompass much at all on the writing circuit, but…as it says, blogging, so it is a blog and so I have decided that in September 2017 I will be closing this page down and will be moving it to a whole new website which will be embodied in writing, generally. I need a website which will be focused on writing which focuses on the whole thing, blogging, as well as writing in general. So, the creation of a new website is in motion.

This is just like everything else in life, its a continuous lesson. This is the price of not thinking of the end goal and have only lost out on £4.00, the bigger picture. Not thinking about what it could become, only thinking about a very small part of the goal. About Going The Distance…

Edit, 21 June, 2017:

I have thought about this and through the advice of an entrepreneurial friend of mine who has seen my potential as a writer I will be keeping this website going, as is but will be creating a whole new niche website.

The Definition of a Zimbabwean.

As Zimbabweans we are more than a nationality, we are a people who live, eat and breath resilience, we are characteristically a strong people because of our lives, because of our upbringings. But, we still have a heart, we still hurt, we still love and when we do it is deeply, we can still break but every time we do we bounce back stronger, faster, wiser, sharper.

When we are given a reason to defend and protect that and those that are a part of our very being, our very existence, our very soul we do it fiercely, loyally and passionately. When we forge real and powerful relationships we are loyal to the very extreme.

Who are we, who am I? We are a people who learn what death is from a very young age, we have known what it is like to lose dear friends from a young age, we are a people who shelter those we love and appreciate from what we have experienced for the protection of their being.

The majority of us have lived lives that can only be imagined by others, or believed to be not true. Some would wish it, others would believe it was from a movie. Unbelievable lives, varied, from good to bad.

Now, who are we? We are Zimbabweans, some African cowboys and cowgirls, others, silent warriors.

My Take on The US Election and the Election Recount

Quite a bit of time has elapsed now since the US election and we have had time to absorb the results, analyse and rationalise them.

You may, particularly if you know me, ask ‘Why do you even care, you’re not even American?!’ That may be but, and this is very true, whatever happens Stateside affects us all, wherever we may be or come from, whatever our creed, race, religion.

I am going to touch on a couple of very basic points because it is these points that gave Trump his win. I am by no means a politician, I am not a political scientist nor am I a political analyst, I however like to pay attention to the matters that affect you and I. There are also parallels with Brexit and I will also touch on this.

But first I will touch on how I came up with my conclusion on the US election result, but before I do that I must assure people that I am not a believer in Trump, I believe he is dangerous, I believe that he can and will do a lot of damage to world security and I do believe it will be a matter of time that he leads us all to war, again.

I am a member of a few US Facebook pages, mostly military and law enforcement, these pages are for supporters of US law enforcement and LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) alike. The same goes for the military pages, they are for both civilian supporters and military personnel and it is through these pages how I came to see how and why the US got the result they did and it is enshrined in Americas creation, it is enshrined in what has become a part of their culture, American freedom and the American dream, though, if you speak to many Americans there is no such thing as the American dream but more so the ideal of it, a perfect ideal.

You see, Hillary was threatening to do away with the second amendment (the right to bear arms), she was also threatening to reduce police powers and their capabilities, as well as reduce military power and capability. Hillary also spoke on the global stage.

Now to Trump, well, Trump spoke to the standard American – the standard NRA (National Rifle Association) red, white and blue waving American patriot, the guy or gal who believes down to his or her very bones about the blood that was shed for America, from the American War of Independence, the civil war and the other wars thereafter. That is all Trump had to do and he knew it so that is the strategy he used and so he came out “Trumps”. It is not the only strategy he used but those are two of the strategies that kept the ball in his court.

Now to the recount – I am sitting here and thinking ‘what the heck is going on?’ This has caused me to lose ALL respect for Hillary, I have stated that I am no fan of Trump and given reasons for that but – hello, democracy? This is the United States that we’re talking about, this is supposed to be the nation that leads in democracy, the nation that lectures every single non-democracy on being democratic, I cannot believe this, Trump won, fair and square – nothing spells out sore loser more than calling for a recount and I cannot believe I am saying this but I think this gives me enough to say, I think I actually think Trump is the better of two evils, whereas I thought differently before.

Now, to the parallels of Brexit, why did Brexit happen and why has Trump happened? A very good friend of mine who is a lecturer and a military historian at Kings College in London pointed it out best and sometimes simple is all we need. The reason they have happened is because for too long have politicians in both the United States and the UK decided that the people don’t matter. Well, this is what you get and there could be devastating repercussions from both. And just like Brexit and the Brits wanting their country back from worsening EU leadership, standard Americans want to feel American again, can you really fault that?

Anyway, this is just my take on it, probably all very simplistic but sometimes to understand the whys and hows of a situation that is all we need, without complicating it.

I also want to send a message to the left in the US and the UK, GROW UP – you are making all of us look bad, I describe myself as just left of centre on the political spectrum, I also consider myself pro-defence and my belief is that with being either just right of centre or just left of centre helps us empathise in a situation easier, if not straight away, at some point. But seriously, why is it that the right are willing to sit down and talk but the left isn’t? Kinda food for thought that. For more of an example of that go onto the Van Jones Facebook page and look for a mini-series of his called the raw-truth and Van, who is a journalist for CNN describes himself as being so left that he’s on the left side of Pluto but he did this little mini-series and went deep into Trump territory into right supporters houses and he spoke with them, candidly and then he went to left supporters. The complete opposite, they were angry, aggressive and wouldn’t hear any perspective. As Van said, that gives you food for thought.

Anyway folks, that’s it…my take on it all. Apologies if I offend anyone…

Breaking Point: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

So this is the first time I’ve touched my blog in a while and so with that in mind I must apologise to my readers/followers for my allusiveness, I am and have been working through something. I must also apologise to my host for not touching this for a while.

Anyway, as I have just said I have been and am working through something and instead of now just “trying” I have decided to do. For a while I have had a personal ethos which is “Try means won’t, do means will” and so I have now made a conscious decision to “DO”. So on my personal Facebook this morning I recorded a live video and the title was “Breaking-point” so, what is breaking-point? Doesn’t that mean when we’re just about to have a breakdown? I think it depends entirely on our personal interpretation of it, it can be breakdown or it can be breakthrough, breakdown, breakthrough.

I have been trying to deal with what I have for a while now and whenever I have tried to pick myself up I have somehow sunk back into my pit of despair and uncertainty and emotional pain. But then yesterday something happened and I can’t really put anything on it but to say that I finally think it is time to fix myself. And the lesson I’ve learnt from this is that we cannot be fixed, whether someone tries or we try fix ourselves until we are ready. We each need to be ready, it doesn’t matter how much spirituality or how much of God is involved. It is when WE are ready, we each need to be individually ready, no amount of talking about going for counselling, researching issues, hiding away from the world, talking to people, not talking to people, secluding ourselves from family or friends is going to help. In fact, those are probably all the worst things we can do. We just need to bide our time and wait until we are ready but at the same time remind ourselves of the damage that we are doing to ourselves, our relationships and friendships and realise how special some of those relationships and people are and are very special to us and so that the faults lie within ourselves, so before we drive people away it is time to reflect and cast realisation upon the fact that not only are we hurting ourselves but at the same time we are in fact steadily driving people away, whether we, or they do not realise it, it will happen because as humans our individual spirits, our mind, heart and soul can only take so much. No matter how much we say, it is fine – bare in mind that unconditionally does not always mean unconditionally because we are not wired to take too much, there will always be a point where too much IS too much. So, with all that mind I have decided that it is time I “DID” and not “TRIED”

So, to all those suffering with some kind of hurt just remember, give yourself time to heal, when you are ready your mind and heart will let you know. But please, do not do what I’ve been doing and shut people, friends and family out. Remember the old adage “Time is a great healer” – tis true…

Be kind to yourself, give yourself time…