The Future of Gaming: Big Gaming Producers vs Small.

So here it is, a piece I have spent a few days deliberating on, on the future  of gaming, which, like the movie industry has taken to great heights over the last few years with previous game releases and releases to come. Mass Effect Series. Bioware and Electronic Arts There can be no doubt that … Continue reading “The Future of Gaming: Big Gaming Producers vs Small.”

Harpur’s of Melbourne – Second Time Around

So, this being my second time around at Harpur’s of Melbourne but to check out their breakfast menu. My first review, Harpur’s of Melbourne, was my first time eating here as a friend of mine had come over from Birmingham and so this was the first restaurant I tried and since then have decided a big … Continue reading “Harpur’s of Melbourne – Second Time Around”

Harpur’s of Melbourne.

As I have recently moved to Melbourne as I stated in my previous blog, My First Impressions of Melbourne, Derbyshire today I had the opportunity of testing the local hospitality as a very dear friend from Guildford who recently relocated to Birmingham decided to pay me a visit, and so we went to lunch at Harpur’s of Melbourne but … Continue reading “Harpur’s of Melbourne.”

My Take of Apple over Microsoft

In my years of working with computers (since 1997) I have primarily worked on Windows, both professionally and for pleasure – I’ve worked on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 2000, XP and then finally Windows 10, I have to say that for me I preferred XP and 10 the best and loathed … Continue reading “My Take of Apple over Microsoft”