It Begins.

Hey folks, trusting you’re all well. Well, here it begins and where will it end, they say anything is possible when you put your mind to it and so here I grow and where will it stop? I watched a motivational piece from an ex-Navy SEAL on Saturday night, a guy called Marcus Luttrell made known by the movie “Lone Survivor” based on his book about a mission in Afghanistan called “Operation Red Wings” which went wrong when their mission was compromised by a group of goat herders. This was by no means from a motivational conference for Navy SEALS as the audience were civilians but he laid everything out by explaining who they are as SEALS, what makes them SEALS as individuals and the only thing that can stop them coming after you is by killing them. I think there is a lesson in that for us all. My interpretation in that and drawing a parallel in normal life (because hey, lets face it, what SEALS and them do is not normal) is we need to go for anything and everything we can, we should strive for perfection from ourselves.

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Stolen Memories.

So on waking up this morning I stirred, in almost a drunken stupor, I got up, stumbled towards the window and peered through the curtains at a wet British morning…scowling at the weather as I had thought of going for a run – and though it is only rain I had hoped for a sunny Sunday morning run, I returned to my bed as it was only 0530 and for some reason my thoughts started drifting to years gone by, but not here in the UK, more so back to Zimbabwe and to memories. In a way having to close my eyes to look at photographs, images seared into my memory – more so than view actual photographs.

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