The Definition of a Zimbabwean.

As Zimbabweans we are more than a nationality, we are a people who live, eat and breath resilience, we are characteristically a strong people because of our lives, because of our upbringings. But, we still have a heart, we still hurt, we still love and when we do it is deeply, we can still break but every time we do we bounce back stronger, faster, wiser, sharper.

When we are given a reason to defend and protect that and those that are a part of our very being, our very existence, our very soul we do it fiercely, loyally and passionately. When we forge real and powerful relationships we are loyal to the very extreme.

Who are we, who am I? We are a people who learn what death is from a very young age, we have known what it is like to lose dear friends from a young age, we are a people who shelter those we love and appreciate from what we have experienced for the protection of their being.

The majority of us have lived lives that can only be imagined by others, or believed to be not true. Some would wish it, others would believe it was from a movie. Unbelievable lives, varied, from good to bad.

Now, who are we? We are Zimbabweans, some African cowboys and cowgirls, others, silent warriors.

Breaking Point: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

So this is the first time I’ve touched my blog in a while and so with that in mind I must apologise to my readers/followers for my allusiveness, I am and have been working through something. I must also apologise to my host for not touching this for a while.

Anyway, as I have just said I have been and am working through something and instead of now just “trying” I have decided to do. For a while I have had a personal ethos which is “Try means won’t, do means will” and so I have now made a conscious decision to “DO”. So on my personal Facebook this morning I recorded a live video and the title was “Breaking-point” so, what is breaking-point? Doesn’t that mean when we’re just about to have a breakdown? I think it depends entirely on our personal interpretation of it, it can be breakdown or it can be breakthrough, breakdown, breakthrough.

I have been trying to deal with what I have for a while now and whenever I have tried to pick myself up I have somehow sunk back into my pit of despair and uncertainty and emotional pain. But then yesterday something happened and I can’t really put anything on it but to say that I finally think it is time to fix myself. And the lesson I’ve learnt from this is that we cannot be fixed, whether someone tries or we try fix ourselves until we are ready. We each need to be ready, it doesn’t matter how much spirituality or how much of God is involved. It is when WE are ready, we each need to be individually ready, no amount of talking about going for counselling, researching issues, hiding away from the world, talking to people, not talking to people, secluding ourselves from family or friends is going to help. In fact, those are probably all the worst things we can do. We just need to bide our time and wait until we are ready but at the same time remind ourselves of the damage that we are doing to ourselves, our relationships and friendships and realise how special some of those relationships and people are and are very special to us and so that the faults lie within ourselves, so before we drive people away it is time to reflect and cast realisation upon the fact that not only are we hurting ourselves but at the same time we are in fact steadily driving people away, whether we, or they do not realise it, it will happen because as humans our individual spirits, our mind, heart and soul can only take so much. No matter how much we say, it is fine – bare in mind that unconditionally does not always mean unconditionally because we are not wired to take too much, there will always be a point where too much IS too much. So, with all that mind I have decided that it is time I “DID” and not “TRIED”

So, to all those suffering with some kind of hurt just remember, give yourself time to heal, when you are ready your mind and heart will let you know. But please, do not do what I’ve been doing and shut people, friends and family out. Remember the old adage “Time is a great healer” – tis true…

Be kind to yourself, give yourself time…

Adapting and Change – Lessons from Horsemanship.

By no means do I consider myself one of life’s best horsemen, nor a horse whisperer, I am but a novice in this field – I find horsemen like Chris Cox and Buck Brannaman a major inspiration, whilst there are others I find more of a likeness in myself with Brannaman and Cox, and if I were to be put next to either I’d be like a student from the first grade, both incredible horsemen and in their journey to become the horsemen they have become they have also turned into incredible people; and if I were to be put next to the both of them, well, I’d be stood next to giants on the field of equestrianism. (and no, my height and the fact that I am only 5.5″ has nothing to do with it, for those that know me)

The eye of a horse is a window to its soul.
The eye of a horse is a window to its soul. It generates its own feeling, its own power, down to the very depths of its soul.

So anyway, I found a post in my Facebook memories that I shared from Chris Cox’ Facebook two years ago today which was the following, with caption:

Adaptability Sometimes your Greatest Asset is your Ability to Adapt to life's Challenges. The Instinct to Survive is greater than one can imagine. You will always be Tested in this Life. Its not what Happens to you but how you React to it that matters. In Horsemanship, Adapting is a very important part of Communicating. Remember, your Road may not always be Straight. Learn how to Adapt with Confidence and Grace. Many Blessing. From Your Horseman Chris Cox
Sometimes your Greatest Asset is your Ability to Adapt to life’s Challenges.
The Instinct to Survive is greater than one can imagine.
You will always be Tested in this Life.
Its not what Happens to you but how you React to it that matters.
In Horsemanship, Adapting is a very important part of Communicating.
Remember, your Road may not always be Straight. Learn how to Adapt with Confidence and Grace.
Many Blessing.
From Your Horseman
Chris Cox

So, this morning I’m thinking about this. I am having a big problem with change in something and have been handling it not so well and I am not sure if I ever will be able to accept these changes, or adapt, but it occurred to me, at the same time that I am not handling this from the lessons I have learnt in the past or the life lessons in my time spent with horses, I am handling this situation badly and though it is a situation which has hurt me maybe in order to help myself I need to remind myself of this from Chris and also because not every horse is the same and so not every situation or person can and will ever be or remain the same. There is always change, there will always be change and maybe change is what defines us and helps us grow. Perhaps it is the way we handle it in which shows our strengths or our weaknesses.

Anyway, just something I thought I’d put out there. Wishing you all a great and peaceful weekend.

Good Souls

Greetings folks, readers, followers, hope you’re all well. To those in the UK I hope your long weekend went well.

Yesterday I spoke with one of my best buds who lives in Devon in Exeter, one of the most inspirational, down to earth, caring people I have ever met. He’s got one of those souls that could cheer anyone up; he could turn a grey, stormy day into sunlight alone with his demeanour, one of the most focused people on the face of this earth that I have ever met and known.

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Breaking Free of Political Chains.

For months I have been trying to break free of political chains, I have wanted desperately to try and break away from everything political – from political discussion to my blog, especially on the situation in Zim, its a situation which has been tainting my soul and anyone who knows me knows that that its something that has taken me away from myself and turned me into a different something all together – in a sense I have been corrupted by politics, but not the corruption that crooked politicians and businessmen are all about, this is a different type of corruption – the Zimbabwean situation has depressed me, my political posts have taken me to a different dimension of thinking and whilst thinking is a good thing it has been working on me in a negative way, to the extent where the other day I decided to shut this blog down in order to niche blog but on Facebook, where the post was shared by a friend he copy & pasted some very kind comments asking me not to shut it down and to keep it going. These pleas to keep it going kind of gave me a new vigour and thought of how to keep this blog going without continuing to taint it with political posts and then earlier I decided to write this afternoons piece and then it occurred to me this evening after writing the previous piece; the best way to keep this blog going is to use it for what I created it, a hobby blog and not a political channel or current affairs blog. Having eventually after over a year of trying to separate myself from politics managed to write something non-political and I feel like I have eventually broken these chains and it feels great, I feel so much more energetic and not mentally exhausted from overthinking.

A friend pointed it out this afternoon when we were talking about the fact that it has been taking its toll and depressing me, after thinking about it, he is right. Though, someone else close to my heart did also ask me last year to stop. So I also think it is time to follow and accept that request.

And so here I am, finally after so long having decided to leave this alone. I will have to find ways of coming out with amusing slurs that one reader commented on but I am sure every now and then I can come out with something amusing.

Anyway, time is getting on here in the UK and I am using my phone as a hotspot, again, this afternoon I was using Cafe Nero’s Cloud wifi; man, I just love their iced latte with a shot of vanilla – though this afternoon was actually not hot so could have had a normal latte. It’d have gone down a treat, but all is well that I had an iced latte.

Goodnight all, wherever you may be. Adios amigos and amigas, hasta manana, or…whenever…safer to say until next time…