The Definition of a Zimbabwean.

As Zimbabweans we are more than a nationality, we are a people who live, eat and breath resilience, we are characteristically a strong people because of our lives, because of our upbringings. But, we still have a heart, we still hurt, we still love and when we do it is deeply, we can still break … Continue reading “The Definition of a Zimbabwean.”

Breaking Point: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

So this is the first time I’ve touched my blog in a while and so with that in mind I must apologise to my readers/followers for my allusiveness, I am and have been working through something. I must also apologise to my host for not touching this for a while. Anyway, as I have just … Continue reading “Breaking Point: Breakdown or Breakthrough?”

Adapting and Change – Lessons from Horsemanship.

By no means do I consider myself one of life’s best horsemen, nor a horse whisperer, I am but a novice in this field – I find horsemen like Chris Cox and Buck Brannaman a major inspiration, whilst there are others I find more of a likeness in myself with Brannaman and Cox, and if … Continue reading “Adapting and Change – Lessons from Horsemanship.”

Breaking Free of Political Chains.

For months I have been trying to break free of political chains, I have wanted desperately to try and break away from everything political – from political discussion to my blog, especially on the situation in Zim, its a situation which has been tainting my soul and anyone who knows me knows that that its … Continue reading “Breaking Free of Political Chains.”