Coming Changes Are…

So yesterday I wrote a piece about remodelling my blog and that I’ll be making some changes. The changes to come will include aesthetic changes but also changes to the navigation of the site.

I have also done away with some things. If you have acquainted yourself with the menu section you will have seen a tab for my writing and reviews, as I will be creating a whole new website niche to writing I have removed that. I have also removed reviews, I have been focusing on the monetisation aspects without focusing on my passions. Passion is where the ultimate skill comes from and this is demonstrated through horsemen like Chris Cox and Buck Brannaman, as their passion in their horsemanship shines through everything they do with and for their horses and their community. It also shines through visionaries like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson through their brands.

There will be other things that will be added in the greater scheme of things.

Just keeping you all posted on thoughts on the direction I’m wanting to take this…

Remodelling the Blog

So I was thinking of taking things on my blog up a notch and will be doing a bit of remodelling, as you have noticed I have changed the header image  (which may be temporary) and over the coming months will be adding a different twist and you will soon notice a new tab but will not be active for the next few months while I get all my ducks in a row.

There is a specific issue which is very close to my heart and that is the wild mustangs of the United States and so will be writing a post on that in the coming few days, as I don’t know too much, except for their unfair hounding and persecution by the BLM (no, not the black lives matter movement but the Bureau of Land Management) and so am conducting research both on the web and a through contact who works closely with wild mustangs in Oregon, no point in writing something inaccurate, any writer will tell you that its not very healthy for your existence if you want to succeed as you will always find someone who genuinely knows more or as much about the subject you are writing about.

When I initially started this website I wrote a piece entitled Going the Distance – New Website and the fact that I will be closing this page and creating a new one. That is no longer the case, I will be keeping this website going but also creating a new one niche to my writing. In that piece I also mentioned the possibility of vlogging (video blogging) of which I have not forgotten and so if you keep your eye on the menu section you will see a tab appear for media and in that you will get vlogs on my YouTube channel, as well as photography. This will however not be instantaneous and will only be coming over the next few months.

With regards to my followings of wild mustangs I will be doing thorough research and backing up what I know already before I continue (can you believe, I went into the library in my town today and asked a librarian if they had any books on wild mustangs and she looks at me and goes “cars?” – yeah, ummm…they have wild mustang cars roaming the plains of the US and they have untamed V8 engines…ahem) and their trials and tribulations I will be starting pretty much immediately but I will need to do my research more thoroughly as I do not want to get my information incorrect.

I must thank you for continuing to follow me throughout this time and I ask you to please keep following me and sharing my stuff and page.



Blogging, a steep learning curve; personally and publicly.

Its been a short while that I have been blogging compared to others, I did create a hobby blog at but sadly somehow I turned it from a hobby blog into a current affairs and politics page which comprised mainly of Zimbabwean politics and political opinion but in that time of it becoming what it did I was becoming a version of me that I and others close to me did not like, I was becoming highly self-opinionated and critical and it was MY opinion that mattered, it was MY opinion that was the only one that was right (when it came to Zimbabwean politics) and what it was that actually made me aware of this was the first vlog I had ever made (not counting the few live Facebook videos I have made since, if those count??), it portrayed somewhat of an ugly version, it reared an ugly head that needed to be put down. It was actually my sister that pointed it out to me. I had made the video public and posted it to my YouTube channel. After my sister pointed this out I watched it over and over and over again until finally I saw this version. The next morning when I woke up with the few hours I had managed to sleep I checked my YouTube and noted that the video had eighteen views already and so I deleted it, I also blogged about this realisation and the fact that I would no longer be carrying on along the political route due to what it was doing to me and what it was making me feel like inside, I had even decided I was going to be shutting the blog down but the request that I keep the blog going was resounding and so that I did, I just diverted from my political course and blogged about other things and ideas that were coming to me; stuff that I was far more comfortable writing about. Then one day a friend of mine who was helping me with doing some graphic design work on another project I had been working on mentioned that he really liked my style of writing and thought that I should consider doing a self-hosted blog and make something of it. Not really knowing anything about self-hosted blogging I thought about it and thought about it some more; then one morning I decided I’d give it a try and made some inquiries on domains and ended up registering a domain with GoDaddy for £1.10, then a further £4.10 for site privacy.

Since then I have managed to keep away from political opinion and have not been tempted once to even address something and whilst we all know that controversy sells I am not comfortable with putting myself in that seat again, although my traffic was a lot higher with those posts than I am getting now I feel a lot better within myself.

Traffic I got from my one political post in a matter of the last few hours












After two days my traffic shot up amazingly high in just two days.

Although this shows the content that people are after I think it needs to be balanced between the bloggers comforts and what their followers want, what people want and politics and political opinion sadly is one those topics.

But since I have started a self-hosted blog it is now a different story, traffic means everything to the survival of a blog and that is determined by writing about what people want – other than politics I now have to figure out what it is that are wanted topics. The other day I wrote a post about my writing plans which did well and so is one of the topics that people want, its entertainment and about the future of British entertainment and the future of the British film industry – a sector that many, many people wish to see flourish once again.

The more a blogger posts the more hits they get on Google, the more traffic increases, the better a blog does; a blogs survival is based on the traffic it receives and not only sharing content but continuously writing and adding fresh content. A friend of mine, an internet entrepreneur who is doing very well for himself, through e-products and blogging nailed it best the other day…“consistency” – the best word to use for this; just to be consistent and carry on, not just pop up as and when we please, although that can be pretty hard. When do we find stuff to continuously write about – really, are we going to start writing about our morning ablutions or sex lives that may or may not exist? So again, adding a little bit of persistence to that. There have been times when I have looked at how well a piece has not done and thought about throwing it all in, but then again I have never been a quitter in my later adult years, especially since I have lived in the UK, I am very persistent and do not give up easily, if I want something I go for it and I will fight for it and I guess this is a lesson to take into blogging, especially when you are new and want your site to do well. Fight for it to get there and not to give up after a post or two not having done as well as you would have hoped. It all falls into making something work.

Blog Monetisation:

Traffic will also affect your site if you have monetised it through ads via Google AdSense. Before you can start making any money you have to have the traffic on your blog and you have to keep adding to that blog for ads to be displayed or then the Google AdSense bots do not know what to send your blog which in the end would lead to you making no money and in the long run Google AdSense closing your account because you are inactive and therefore bringing no money in. Remember that you are a partner with AdSense, and by making money for yourself you are making money for them and visa-versa and so once you are not pulling weight why would they keep you on, why would anyone keep a business partner on who is not bringing in money? And so in that light you, and I need to keep adding as much fresh content as much as we can in order to keep the wheels turning. I recently found a very helpful article for those struggling to understand why their application to Google AdSense was continuously being rejected, How to  Get Approved by Google AdSense – I highly recommend this article, for either if you are just about to apply or are struggling to understand why you aren’t being accepted.

Its all about finding what works for you and your blog, I am still learning but as with everything in life it is all a learning curve – a climb, its just the gradient that matters in your ascent and that you get to the top.

My First Impressions of Melbourne, Derbyshire.

Melbourne Pond, taken on my iPhone and then enhanced it on Photoshop Express
Melbourne Pond, taken on my iPhone and then enhanced it in Photoshop Express.

A week ago this past Saturday I relocated from Guildford, Surrey of what had become my home in over the decade that I’ve lived in the UK, I culturalised and in that time I obviously swung into the Surrey/London way and pace of life, so having come from Zimbabwe and a farming background I would have settled into life in Melbourne quickly had I come here first, but, Surrey became my home and in over the ten years that I lived there I think it would only be natural. I grew accustomed to the way of life there and life’s faster paces than I am coming across here in the East Midlands of the UK.

I have already done my rounds of town and met some people and on Thursday last week I had to get a key cut and so I went to the local cobbler, a decent chap, probably standing at the same height as myself (5.5ft), a pretty broad accent and it turned out he originally hails from Sheffield but prefers the slower pace of life – like…here. I am sure we have all heard that phrase “talk for England”, well, he sure does that saying proud – as I am still pretty “Surreyfied” I do find it difficult to keep on chatting and if I feel like I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hurry, but also, I have become a bit of an introvert, but, I think that might just be circumstantial rather than who I have actually become, perhaps? Then I met the woman who cut my hair, again, could talk for England, well…she’s a hairdresser, what hairdressers can’t talk for England? (no offence hairdressers). Then I also met my hosts boss, again, a nice fellow. The folks that I have met are friendly enough. I even got lost yesterday on my way home (after a very annoying yet embarrassing occurance involving my iPhone screen – I cringe and to avoid embarrassment I shan’t be blogging about that) and had to ask directions to my street – how embarrassing is that? Its so small here I may have gotten away with “excuse me, do you know where I live?” and they’d probably know already. We’re in the back end of nowhere and so…we don’t need satnavs to find where we live, we just ask the towns folk.

And then On Monday I went for a slight wander to see some of my new surroundings. I went to Melbourne Pond and how beautiful can you get, absolutely gorgeous, very picturesque and falls onto a manor (above photo). It sure is a very beautiful area.

I have found the people of Melbourne friendly and welcoming. Due to the fact that Guildford, Surrey became my home in over the decade I’ve been in the UK it will take a while to fully adjust to the much slower pace of life and so today I am in Derby sat in Costa having an Americano and tending to my blog, but I am confident that I will get used to it and though London and my friends are all down south they are but a train or bus ride away. This however might be a prelude to a completely different life, who knows – time will tell.

So here I am, a new change and a new pace of life, who knows where this new path will lead…

Edit: Back to Surrey…

Going the Distance – New Website

When I was given the encouragement to create my own webpage and take it from to my own domain by the guy who is now hosting my page I thought about it but again today I have learnt yet another lesson within my journey. When I came up with I didn’t think about the full distance, I didn’t really think about the goal, I didn’t think about my full potential as a writer, I thought about just a very small part of it, blogging. I didn’t think about the long term, I thought about the interim. I went as far as thinking about implementing vlogging into the future of my journey, that’s as far as I went…

The problem is, so I have noticed within the last two days is I have not applied myself into thinking about the future, into “GOING THE DISTANCE” and that distance is as I have said above, my full potential as a writer. And what started this was a website I found entitled Helping Writers Become Authors which naturally made me think of the draft stories I have in place, not the biographical drafts I have started on but the novels. And on going through this website yesterday I noted each and every little detail of the creation of the website, the site owners/authors words and pieces, as well as blog updates.

My problem here is I created gtaylorblogging, the problem with this is it doesn’t encompass much at all on the writing circuit, but…as it says, blogging, so it is a blog and so I have decided that in September 2017 I will be closing this page down and will be moving it to a whole new website which will be embodied in writing, generally. I need a website which will be focused on writing which focuses on the whole thing, blogging, as well as writing in general. So, the creation of a new website is in motion.

This is just like everything else in life, its a continuous lesson. This is the price of not thinking of the end goal and have only lost out on £4.00, the bigger picture. Not thinking about what it could become, only thinking about a very small part of the goal. About Going The Distance…

Edit, 21 June, 2017:

I have thought about this and through the advice of an entrepreneurial friend of mine who has seen my potential as a writer I will be keeping this website going, as is but will be creating a whole new niche website.