Opinion: Why You Should Stop Investing in LiteCoin Immediately.

Many of us who have delved into the financial revolution of the cryptocurrency world have gone with LiteCoin. Some of us have gone into it with our eyes closed without doing any research, others with blind optimism and wherever we are have probably had virtual dollar or pound symbols flashing through our mind, others have invested with total and utter confidence, and indeed, some people have been making some very comfortable returns but, for those of us, such as myself who invested in LiteCoin, no matter how well some of us may have done from it there must come a time where we need to seriously look at the massive, almost dangerous downturn in the cryptocurrency, once described as the savvy investors currency. However, if we look at the downturn, without sounding overly pessimistic or negative we have to be realistic and the truth is that if we are looking for cryptocurrencies to give us a comfortable financial future lets be real, it is not going to be through LiteCoin, there is much more of a possibility that it will be through BitCoin or Ethereum. And so what is it that has caused this analysis on LiteCoin and why, as I have suggested in the title why we should stop investing in the once popular cryptocurrency immediately.

Charlie Lee has made two massive errors that have, in my opinion cost him the future of LiteCoin which to me are errors which will destroy investor confidence which in turn will affect price confidence.

  1. In December 2017 it was announced that Charlie Lee, the founder of LiteCoin had sold off all of his holdings, this will in turn always have an effect as it shows that the founder had no confidence in his own creation and if a big wig has no confidence in his product the investor will have no confidence, to me this has effected the future of the currency and although we have seen a downturn in the past I personally believe that LiteCoin is due to fade into the annals of cyber-history. The weakness of LTC is a major concern and there comes a time where we all have to analyse the future of any currency, whether this was Bitcoin or Ethereum and for the sake of our investments, whether it be something as trivial as 0.001LTC (GBP£0.056p) or 17.81 LTC (GBP£1,000), more so the latter figure. Serious analysis and realism does have to override optimism on a very serious level, especially as this is concerning personal and entrepreneurial finance.
  2. Earlier this year in February, as a Valentines gift to the founders of LiteCoin cash he labelled it a scam. This of course is extremely bad business practice and again – whether it is true, or not, it will affect confidence, it is not something that you should openly come out and accuse, for the main reasons it could land one a law suite and to getting sued. That is something you expect from a playground argument rather than a supposedly successful business person and of course when analysing the future of anything in business and what is going wrong we do need to look at reasons.

When investors invest they are simply entering into a contract and with investment there needs to be confidence, whether it be from the smallest investors or the biggest, every single little investment does affect the future and once you break that confidence or do anything to jeopardise any reputation.

Of course investing in any cryptocurrency has a volatile price tag but the most volatile of this is LiteCoin and as an investor and having looked at these two incidents it is an analysis which can seriously affect confidence. With a price tag of 1LTC being at GBP£56.10 and continuously plummeting I have no doubt that it is linked to both issues mentioned in 1 and 2 of the above mentioned.

And so, if you were to ask me that due to the price of LiteCoin being so low is now the time to invest? At a point I would have said yes but to me this downhill trend is getting dangerous and I firmly believe that LiteCoin IS on its way out as it is showing no signs of even attempting to recover. I truly believe that LiteCoin is on its way out and if you are HODLING I seriously recommend that you withdraw your holdings immediately and sell off now and invest in either ETH or BTC, most definitely ETH though as its recovery from this weeks slip up is impressive and shows its strength from both the investor and its founder and I believe ether will overtake Bitcoin in this race which I will blog about in a separate post.

If I am wrong on LiteCoin I will be happy to admit it but I am extremely confident that the end of LTC is upon us. The least you could of course do if you have confidence in its future is withdraw a certain amount to your wallet and then leave a minimal amount you’d be comfortable to lose in case it does go south, as I have analysed.

Would Cafetieres Be a Good Essential for Caffe’s?

A decent cup of coffee and a croissant cannot be beaten but coffee, cryptocurrency, blogging – heck, here, I write about it all and to be honest, who doesn’t love a decent cup of coffee? Whether at home or at a caffe/coffee house, I mean one of those cups where you sit back, take a sip of coffee and you just sit back from the taste and the smell of a good roast. Now generally I grew out of instant coffee in my twenties but, there is one on the market which I actually quite like which is Nescafe’s, Azera AmericanoI find it smooth and it goes down well, but other than that I like a good cup of PG Tips and this might horrify some people but dunking the odd custard cream is what is needed.

As a blogger/writer who sometimes finds his inspiration in caffe’s I have always wanted to be able to have a cafetiere next to me, and this is something which would be very handy to have. I tend to visit the ever friendly and great coffee house of Costa which have great blends from all over the place, but it has an amazing alternative blend from Colombia. I’d highly recommend it the next time you pop into Costa if you’re in, or if you’re a visitor to the UK and require a good blend or great atmosphere, pop into your nearest Costa and ask for the Colombian blend, if ordering an Americano.

Another thing I have noticed since frequenting this particular branch of Costa’s is there are a lot of business meetings so this would again be a handy addition, in my opinion.

A few years ago I had a meeting at Costa near Trafalgar Square in London to discuss the possibility of getting my fathers book, Lost in Africa republished  and sitting there I was wishing we could have had a cafetiere as it would save going up to get another coffee when you’re in full swing. I also find that as a writer, when you’re in full swing but need a cup of coffee you have to go up to get another cup of coffee at the counter, so a cafetiere, in my opinion would be a great addition in a caffe/coffee house.

So, believe it or not and coffee connoisseur, will know this but there are different kinds of cafetiere’s. According to an article in the Independent these are eight best cafetiere’s, and for the love of coffee, why not have a variety?

  • Bodum Chamford Coffee Maker
  • Grosche Madrid Cafetiere
  • EM Skelton Press Coffee Maker
  • Espro Coffee Travel Press
  • Skelton Theo French Press
  • ProCook Satin Stainless Steel Double Wall Cafetiere
  • Le’Xpress Plastic Cafetiere
  • Marks & Spencer Classic 3-Cup Cafetiere

Of course what we are speaking about here is Caffe’s which come with a buzz, with patrons coming and going, barista’s working hard to ensure that hot and summer cold drinks are produced as quickly and as professionally as possible and sometimes with all of that accidents happen. Naturally the justification which is practical and solid is that having a few cafetiere’s would take up space but would also be breakable but to remedy this you seek out which is the most practical, for not only the guests but also for the staff in their busy lifestyle. So I’d naturally say that the best cafetiere for the job is the Le’Xpress Plastic Cafetiere for its durability. If you were to ask me which would be my favourite for design reasons I think it would be the Bodin Chamford Coffee Maker but as its a coffee house I think practicality must come into play here.

What roast?

Personally my favourite blend of ground coffee is a Waitrose blend, 1 Kenya AA 100% arabica ground coffee227g – it is delicious and smooth with a great smell and couldn’t recommend it more to other coffee lovers but most coffee establishments come with their own in-house ground coffee blends. So far my favourite coffee house blend is Costa’s own.

Needless to say that if I had my own caffe/coffee house cafetiere’s would definitely be an essential as there will always be a need for them and I personally believe that they should be used more.

What is your favourite coffee maker and why? Do you think, or feel that cafetiere’s would be a handy addition to caffe’s? Do you have a favourite blend of ground coffee?

A New Home, A New Life: Where Will You Go? Countries Where You Can Get a Second Passport with the Right Amount of Money.

Some people were lucky enough to have been born into wealth, others have worked for what they have, there are those who have made their millions in cryptocurrencies and the very lucky, select few have won the lottery, for instance the EuroMillions Lottery for tomorrow  is a jackpot of GBP£49m and that amount would happily cover any of the nations below with a lot of change to play with, some more than others, but generally you would be very happy wherever you moved.

When we look to migrating it is exciting, yet daunting at the same time. In most cases people who are migrating have already been to the country they have chosen to move to, but the move will still be daunting as nine times out of ten the migrant (s) will still have a lot more to discover – sometimes it is daunting, others it will be the excitement of the unknown. But, what do you have to take into consideration when migrating, one would have  to take many many factors into consideration – such as quality of life, cost of living etc. `But, what is the definition of quality of life, or QoL?

Standard of health, comfort and general happiness – this will include social and personal security. These are factors that all need to be taken into consideration, it’d be foolish if one would relocate without having done as much homework as much as they can of their chosen new home.

A few weeks ago I was trawling Business Insider UK and came across an interesting article, knowing it was possible I was interested to see these countries that faired so well that people would be willing to spend hundreds of thousand to millions of British pounds or US dollars for a new citizenship. Naturally, as I think anyone would picked out five countries I would pay for citizenship, hypothetically speaking but of course, it is always good to check these things out though.

So the following moving down are my top five countries I would move to, with all things taken into consideration, from childhood dreams and memories to current and future aspirations.

5. Antigua and Barbuda.

From a minimal sum of EC$250, 000 citizenship could be yours and makes it the cheapest on my list, as this is the Caribbean we associate it with crystal blue waters, white sands, glorious sunrises and sunsets across the Caribbean ocean and not to mention if you are like me and are fascinated with pirate history, as these will be the waters and areas that the famous pirates once sailed and plundered – but the romance behind it is hardly something we can shun. Is this all we’re going to look at though? What else do we have to take into consideration? Of course, the standard QoL comes into play here.

With a total area of 422km (171m), a population of 94, 684 and a life expectancy of 75.5 years for men and 77.6 years for women makes for an attractive location on its own but what about the cost of living?

Of course, naturally it would be almost impossible to gauge the exact cost of living due to the fact that data is not always easily captured, but enclosed is the most up to date data I could find but as the quality of life in Antigua and Barbuda is known to be relaxed and friendly it would be something to consider.

But what does one have to do, surely paying an amount is not just that simple, well – no, its not BUT, considering one was to make their millions in cryptocurrencies or are from a wealthy background or have been lucky enough to make your millions on the lottery its worth it because you will still have a lot of money to play with, especially with only having to spend EC$250, 000. But here are three steps how to get citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.

Beach in Antigua
  • Real estate investment of at least EC$400,000 (GBP£112,068.00
  • A donation to the National Development Fund EC$250, 000 (GBP£70,042.50)
  • A EC$1.5m (GBP£420,194.81 in an existing but newly created business venture.

Business in Antigua and Barbuda.

Then comes the future, of course most people who have scored their millions really don’t need to work but then there are some who would get bored and would want to keep something going so it might be of interest to see which small business opportunities are available:

Small Business Opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda.

4. Spain.

What is Spain best known for to you? For me, as a former red wine drinker (Faustino Gran Rioja’s were my favourite, other than a great Cabernet Sauvignon from France, but Spanish and Italian wines were my favourite) was red wine.


So of course with this probably being one of the best countries in the Mediterranean this has got to fall in the list of one of the five countries I would move to, of course there is the mainland, then there are the islands which is what interests me the most, those islands being La Palma, Gran Canaria, Majorca, Tenerife, Ibiza.

Tenerife, Punta Brava

But, what is the key to a “Golden Visa” for Spain? Like Antigua and Barbuda you have three options which are,

  • Minimum investment of EU€500 (GBP£442,506.47) in real estate.
  • After five years, applicant can request permanent residency.
  • After ten years, applicant can request citizenship

With it being significantly bigger than Antigua and Barbuda with a total size of 505, 370km (195, 124mi) the population is naturally larger standing at 45, 846, 295 this will naturally bring more opportunity, too. Again, life expectancy not being a bad limit either. Life expectancy is a bit less though, but still not a bad age. Men being 78.2 years, women being 84.4 years.

To me, wherever you settle I believe you should have some opportunity open to you and so what would you want to do? Of course we are all different but there will always be opportunity to go into business. Of course if you are retiring the last thing you want to do is carry on working but if you are my generation and have done well for yourself but want a new life with an alternate citizenship and home, why not check out the business opportunities Spain has to offer.

3. Canada.

With a total size of 505, 370km (195, 124) and a population of 45, 856, 295 this boasts a pretty comfortable country which is the worlds largest producer of agricultural products and is also famous for maple syrup, producing 80% of the worlds maple syrup reserves.

Canada is also know to be one of the fairest political societies in the modern world and full of opportunity and so, how would one go about gaining access? Unfortunately due to the actions of the few the many have to now suffer as it has become harder to get in than it used to be, these are the following opportunities. It is however significantly more difficult to get into Canada than it used to be but if you have the dollar it is still an attractive location.

  • Citizenship applicants must have resided in Canada for a fixed period of three years within a four-year timeframe.
  • Applicants must have legally-obtained net worth CAD$1.6m (GBP£921,168.20)
  • Applicants must possess a minimum of three years experience in planning, finance, Human Resources, or general management.
  • Applicants must state their intention to settle in the province of Quebec, and sign an agreement to invest $800,000 (GBP£460, 584. 10)

Of course, with this being significantly different to both Spain and Antigua and Barbuda this is for serious investors rather than someone looking for a retirement home.

Small Business Opportunities in Canada

2. United States.

Believe it or not but the United States is one of the easiest and most affordable countries to enter, provided you follow the exact letter of the law. With a total area of 9, 632, 30km (3, 718, 948 mi) this really does make the American dream sound more real. With an equally massive population of 329, 159, 900.


With residency from US$500, 000 (GBP£378,200.00) this does make it one of the cheapest countries on my list but doesn’t quite bring it to number one, though since I was a child the ideal of the American Dream and its history has always sparked something inside of me. Tales of the Wild West always spur my imagination (being a writer) and I have always cherished the ideal of the American Dream, to me and from every American I personally know it is what embodies American freedom from the founding of America but despite this it still remains at number two on my list of the seventeen on the original list.

So what attracts us to the United States, besides the people and the fifty states that make up the United States, and of course the Declaration of Independence and the constitution?

Lets have a look at what will award you your residency/citizenship in the US of A:

  • Investment of US$500, 000  (GBP£378,200.00) in a targeted employment area (thats just given me visions of Top Gun, ‘now this is what I call a target rich environment’), regional centre.
  • Direct investment of US$1m (GBP£756,495.00) in an American commercial enterprise.

Of course, this is what makes it one of the most attractive and cheapest options in my list.

  1. New Zealand.

Then last but certainly not least, my number one country I would pour money into, New Zealand has always been an attraction for me and why? It is the closest thing to how I grew up in Zimbabwe, its a very similar culture. But as I have got older and wiser to how the world works outside of Zimbabwe in the first world and as the UK has been my window to the world and loved the view I have been spreading my horizons, but why New Zealand?

New Zealand is pretty diverse in terms of geography and meteorology and is divided in two, North Island and South Island and I come from a farming family in Zimbabwe, and land in New Zealand is known to be very fertile and so, why not…in a way revisit my childhood and yeah, I can have horses wherever I go but New Zealand has a special place in my heart, it has since my early twenties and its been cemented as time has gone on. So, what does it take to get us into New Zealand? It really isn’t the cheapest of options but to me the best. In life its quality over quantity.

Auckland, CBD, North Island
  • An investment of NZ$3m (GBP£1,539,515.32) over four years.
  • An investment of NZ$10m (GBP£5,131,100.00) over three years.

And although these prices do make it the most expensive on the list it outweighs the others by a significant margin for me, quality over quantity. This is undoubtedly where I would pour my money.

Christchurch, South Island

Original Business Insider UK Article: 17 countries where money can buy you a second passport or ‘elite residency’

Wealth: At What Cost?

“Wealth can be wonderful, but you know – success can test one’s mettle as surely as the strongest adversary”. Akiro the Wizard, Conan the Barbarian

(A real truth to come out of Hollywood)

Today I want to touch on wealth and to what extent we are to go to get it. At what cost. Lately I have got involved in the whole cryptocurrency rage and what actually made me want to write this post was a certain article I found while googling the future analysis of Bitcoin. This article entitled “The Biggest Deal In Dragons’ Den History, That Can Make YOU Rich In Just 7 Days! (Seriously)” intrigued me, since it also included the infamous Dragons Den, probably the entrepreneurs best entertainment in the UK. I opened the link and the first paragraph read:

“Appearing on BBC Two’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, two best friends from university pitched their idea for an automated bitcoin trading platform, called Bitcoin Loophole. The idea was simple: allow the average person the opportunity to cash in on the bitcoin boom. Even if they have absolutely no investing or technology experience.

A user would simply make an intial deposit into the platform, usually of £250 or more. The user should open a position on Bitcoin and let the trend do the work for him

The entrepreneurs intend to make money from their platform by charging a small commission on only the profits a user generates. They asked the Dragons for £200,000 for 25% of the company, valuing the company at £800,000.

To demonstrate the power of their company’s platform the entrepreneurs had Deborah Meaden deposit £250 live on the show”.

Some alarms did ring in my head throughout the article due to the grammatical mistakes but as not many journalists pay much attention to grammar these days I let it slide – obviously this intrigued me but then I started doing some research and found plenty of reviews pointing out that it is indeed a scam, I mean, of course – look at the incredible monetary figures and it is attractive to the immediate human eye and then you read the reviews which make it appear to be genuine and then later on when you think about it, what went through your mind when reading it the first time to then forcing your hand to do some research, I will imbed a video from YouTube regarding this, including several links after going on a rampage to back this blog up.

But, why I am here is to ask you how far you are willing to go for wealth, what is the cost of your humanity for wealth? Would you be prepared to risk your relationships, your marriages, friendships?

Its a proven fact that over the decades and centuries that wealth have consumed everything that is human about us and its torn families apart and ruined people – its destroyed their very character.

And so, do you think you could become wealthy and stay true to yourself and those who love you? Could you still be the person that you were when you were brought into this life? How do you think you could find a balance between that wealth and remaining exactly who you are?

Of course, it could be the same as the principal I believe. Money is not the route of all evil, it is the one who wields it. They can choose to either do good, or they can choose to do bad. It is exactly like a firearm. It is not the gun that chooses to do the wrong, it is the person choosing to wield that firearm. It is all down to your personal choices and mental toughness.

Could you find the balance between wealth and remaining who you are?

So, wealth at what cost?

Anyway, as I promised, after my research the below links are what I found regarding the scam, Bitcoin Loophole. The second one is from Mr Peter Jones the dragon himself.

Important Links:

Financial Freedom At Your Finger Tips. No Fuss, No Major Investment. Join The Crypto Revolution: BTC, ETH, LTC.

Recently I decided to delve into the whole world of cryptocurrency after having seen an investment app on the AppStore, Bux where you can supposedly invest from as little as GBP£0.25p, now obviously if you have any sense before you download an app, through any of the platform stores (AppStore, Google Play, Windows Phone Store) you read the reviews and so I obviously read the reviews, and especially if its finance related you don’t want to invest money into something that you’re going to make a loss on – even though it is risky playing on the markets, even if was the minimal sum of investing from £0.25p, sure…no one wants to lose even £0.25 in this day & age. So obviously, before anyone does any investing of any kind they must do their research and everyone knows that the world of cryptocurrency is a volatile one, we’ve seen nightmare stories of people who have lost their entire livelihoods over Bitcoin, affected marriages, broken homes but if you look at why, they have not invested wisely, they’ve invested with one word that comes to mind…GREED, lots of human sharks out there, mind you, I’d give a lot more credit to a Great White than a lot of humans. And what have they got in the process? Buried in debt, lost family, lost friends. Simply because they haven’t been cautious. But, at the same time that we have seen tremendous losses, we have also seen tremendous successes and one such guy who lost through Bitcoin but then made it back, substantially – I found an interesting analysis you should read.

One other thing I have taken note of is Miner One, based in Sweden which I do intend on looking at more in-depth when I am in more a situation to do so.

How Did it Start for me:

Interestingly on the app post I saw on Facebook I saw a Facebook user asking if it worked, I naturally thoughtfully replied that it had awful reviews. Moments later there was a response from who is now my mentor notifying me of this programme to get involved in Litecoin and so I risked it for a biscuit and instantly PM’d them and we spoke about it, I invested in 0.1LTC (Litecoin) at GBP£15.00 with an interest base rate of 1.4% per day (0.35% every six hours), if I however refer someone to the system, depending how much they invest I will get 10% as soon as they invest and every time they reinvest and that is how the system works. This will be the same for anyone. So if I refer Joe Bloggs, he comes on board by clicking my referral link I provide him, or her…so that will be Joe Bloggs and, if its a she I guess it will be Joanna and when they refer someone they get 10% of whatever is invested and then later reinvested.

And so began my journey with the iCentre bot, but, what is iCentre, of course everyone would probably attribute it to the popular Apple Support centre but it is not related, I think if it was that would be completely disrespectful of Steve Jobs’ vision, this is a bot that supports BitCoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin. Then of course there are those who once have discovered what iCentre is, is they are a scam, far from it. They are a legitimate company, based in London, UK who are partnered with legitimate crypto mining companies. Others like to measure it as a pyramid scheme, which again, is far from it. This is merely a bot which helps you make money and to make money you do have to spend money. Speculate to accumulate.

LiteCoin Bot

If you are interested in jumping on board feel free to message me. I have  a bot going for LiteCoin, which pays 0.35% LTC every six hours (1.4% daily) on . There are people out there who are making big money with these bots. People who have up to 30 LiteCoin in iCentre which at the current price is worth £3, 628.29 (1.0LTC is worth GBP£90.11. The market analysis is that by the end of the year 1.0LTC could be worth GBP£1, 800). Now, they could cash that in or let it sit. Any investor in their right mind knows that they let their investment sit, which they are doing as it has been analysed that LiteCoin could hit the same price as Bitcoin. The analysis is brought to you by the same economist who predicted the drastic price rise of Bitcoin. 1.0 BitCoin is currently worth GBP£5,700.44.

Prices are low at the moment but rising and now is the time to jump on board if you haven’t already.

If you’re wanting a cheap, hassle free way in where you don’t have to do anything but let it sit and accumulate message me. Crypto is the road to your financial freedom, it is the road to our financial freedom. Help yourself. Get on board now.

Click on the following referral hyperlinks for the iCentre bots, the minimum for LiteCoin is 0.1ltc which is GBP£8.97, I deposited GBP£13 and pays 0.36% every 6hrs (1.4% daily).

With the LiteCoin Bot You Will Get:

1.4% Base for 99 days with the following referral commission structure:
Level 1  – 10%
Level 2 – 3%
Level 3 – 1%
Level 4 – 1%

Referral Link to iCentre LiteCoin Bot Min Invest 0.1LTC

iCentre ETH Bot

Then we move onto the Ethereum, otherwise known as Ether or abbreviated ETH bot of iCentre which investment is a minimum cost of 0.03ETH which is GBP£13.43 at the current rate, please click on the following hyperlink to get started with Ethereum.

What can you get from the ETH Bot?

  • – 1.4% of your deposit Daily for 99 days (Includes Principal)
  • – Earnings every 6 hours
  • – Min. Investment 0.03 ETH
  • – Min. Reinvest 0.03 ETH
  • – Min. Withdraw 0.03 ETH
  • – Referral Bonus in 4 Levels:
  • – Level 1 – 10%
  • – Level 2 – 3%
  • – Level 3 – 1%
  • – Level 4 – 1%
  • – Always an Exciting Promotion
  • – Consistency and Stability
  • – Support Rooms on Telegram
  • – Direct support via the Website iCenter.co and much more

Referral Link to iCentre Ether Bot Min 0.03ETH

iCentre BitCoin Bot

And then finally but not least we have the ever infamous and powerful BitCoin which is what iCentre originally started on. This will cost you a minimum of 0.01BTC which at the current rate is GBP£56.83 but all major cryptocurrencies are set to rise soon so now is the time to get involved if you haven’t already.

Here is what you will get for joining:

  • You get a regular 1.2% of your invested amount for 120 days.
  • 3 Levels of referral commissions, Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 3% and level 3 = 1%
  • a Simple to use system
  • constant reports, communication and updates.
  • exciting promotions.
  • various languages to choose from.
  • Help and support chat groups.
  • And a System that will be there for many years to come.

Referral Link to iCentre BitCoin Bot Min Invest 0.01BTC

How Do I Get Started if I’m Interested?

All of the bots (BTC, ETH, LTC) work through the mobile phone app (cell phone), Telegram which is available on both iOS and Android and so before you activate your bots you must download the app. Once you download the app then click on the hyperlinks provided which will take you directly to the bot, and then tap start, select your language. At the bottom of the dashboard you will see a button that reads “DEPOSIT” which will then provide you a link in which to send your investments. This system works the same for all three currencies. Should you wish to build your team press “MY TEAM” which is where you will get your statistics and referral link.

I wish you all the very best of luck in the first steps of obtaining your financial freedom.

Join my Facebook group: CryptoFinance

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Embrace Life

So I’m writing this when I’m in much conflict with myself and so I’m not sure if I’m writing this to vent or to give a message, maybe its a bit of both.

On Friday 6th of April I attended my Niece’ pass off parade into the British Army, surrounded by my brother in law & sister and other family members we watched her troop and two others, accompanied by the Band of the Royal Logistics Corps, the pride that we all felt I am sure has got to the point where it is now indescribable, for me anyway. But for my brother in-law, sister, and my other niece and nephew it must have made them extremely proud to watch my niece and God daughter who I once cradled in my arms on a hot summers day in November 1994 in Zimbabwe on their wedding day, combined with niece’ Christening – she is now all grown up and turned into a great young lady who, as an uncle I have always been very proud of and I would be, whatever she had decided to pursue. But now she is a soldier in one of the best Armies in the world, a soldier and watching her pass off and marching to the sound of the band of the RLC was incredible.

Now everyone who knows me knows I was once on my way to joining the British Army in 2006, where I attended my Army Presentation at an Army Careers Information Office (ACIO) not far from where I live. As I am from a family of infantrymen that is what I decided on, the regiment I decided on is the oldest English line regiment but sadly it did not happen for me. As a Commonwealth applicant I faced some bureaucratic issues but for a number of years  I did not let this stop me and I even went as high as the Secretary of Recruiting for the regiment and a friend of mine even offered to try enlist the help of the then (now late) Colonel of the Regiment who was a personal friend of his but after a few years I realised that this was the British Army I was dealing with and no matter how hard I tried, in the words of the then Secretary of Recruiting it is embroiled in red tape that I cannot go under, around or over and I guess this is what makes it the professional entity it is. I cannot hold the Army or the government at fault for my entry having been unsuccessful and never have – I at least got as far as just before my British Army Recruiting Battery (BARB) test before I could not proceed.

Prior to the pass off parade my brother in law & I were sitting at a table and he went ‘this could have been you bud’ and then after the parade my sister went ‘are you gutted this didn’t happen for you?’ Yes, I always was but for the last couple of years I thought that “guttedness” was gone but as I was aiming to be infantry rather than trade my basic training would have been 26 weeks at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) on a 26 week Combat Infantryman’s Course (CIC) rather than at an ATC (Army Training Centre). For a number of years I was gutted as it was a dream I had as a child that I lost somewhere along the way and it was a little too late when I realised that it was still what I wanted. The timing was right as I was in my mid-twenties, so in my opinion the right time and it was only paperwork that stood in my way, even though the standard entry recruits would have been six/seven years my junior but I had plans for my career which I drew out at a time when I studied everything I could for my intended future, which sadly didn’t go according to plan. But, as I said I hold no one or anything accountable for my actions (or inaction) but myself.


In life there is no secret remedy, we don’t have a hard reset button, no time machine, no Delorean, no little blue phone box, no magic pill. We create our own present and future, we create the world around us and in that time we all need to remember that this is one life we have been given that we need to live, we have one shot and it is up to us and our actions how that future is dictated, whether we choose to be a soldier, whether we choose to be a doctor, a lawyer, a firefighter, police officer; whatever we choose it is up to us how we use that time and we should use it wisely because we cannot go back and change things, as much as we want to sometimes – reality dictates otherwise.

Pro’s & Cons of Not Being Able to Change Time:

The biggest con this has taught me is living with the fact that being a soldier is engrained in me, it is something that will never change inside of me and I will always click with soldiers and officers alike, no matter how much I think it has gone from me (because I did think it was until Friday) but more important than that, the pro’s that is the people and the friends that have come and stayed in my life and that is irreplaceable, like losing out on a great career. In that time the best thing that has happened to me is the friends I have made in that time, this is the best substitute and that is one thing I will never change for the world and as I am set as an infantryman and still being willing to give my life for Queen & country and the freedom of our democracy I would not change the people who have come into my life. One such person has come into my life and when I think about my relationship there I also think about the Army and that person comes first before the Army, every time. I couldn’t change that for the world.

The Greatest Lesson to Learn from This:

Live your life and live it to the best of your ability and doing what your heart wants and remembering you have one shot, there is nothing that will change it so make it count, give it your best shot so that one day you do not have to look back and hold regret. Live, love and be happy. You have one shot, make it count. You are your own sniper and your target is life, every single bullet counts.


Photography and Psychology.

I don’t really classify myself as a great photographer, not even remotely average but I like to dabble, I guess I’m just one of those stereotypical hobbyists who dreams but never really accomplishes anything great. I use my iPhone and recently downloaded a great app, ProCam5 (click here) which all you elite iPhone photography experts and photographers who use your iPhone as a trusty companion to your Canon or Nikon will either know or know of. The closest I’ve got to owning a pretty decent DSLR was a Nikon D3200 which a friend bought me with the standard VRII lens kit (now discontinued since there are now newer, much more impressive models on the market with better ease of function and other VERY cool functions. I sadly had to let that Nikon go due to something that was going on in my life at the time and had to get rid of it in a long painful story which could have changed my life for the better which seems to have affected me in the long term but they do say time is a healer. Lets not dilly dally on that though as the focus of this blog is photography and psychology – interesting mix but I am more a photographer than a psychologist, still an interesting over-lap between the two.

I have a number of friends who are much more talented than I am, we are mostly Nikon fans but another friend of mine who is a well established, successful wedding photographer is a Canon man (I know, we all can’t be perfect, right. I jest) but anyway, when it comes to photography I like landscape photography but we all have different interests in what our eye catches. Some it’s landscape, others it’s people, others its buildings etc. Another friend of mine from Hungary is also a fan of landscape photography and yesterday he took a photo and his caption in Hungarian was “current mood”. It was a stunning photo — black & white of a fallen tree across the river where I live. It pictured the mood brilliantly where there was only solitude and a single tree.

That then made me think of one of my photos that I took in February, was a fairly warm winters day, a few weeks  prior to the “Beast from the East”, that the UK keeps getting hit by. The view on its own as it was to the human eye was beautiful but as a storm was raging in the distance I felt a storm in side of me raging. And whilst there were black clouds in front of me, on my back the sun was shining on the grass. I decided to edit via Photoshop Express and below was the final result…

So with all this in mind isn’t it incredible how our love of photography can reflect our mood, it can reflect our mood perfectly, or terribly – depending on how you see it.

Anyway folks – here’s an excercise for all you who love photography, whether its just looking at photographs or shooting. The next time you see a friends or family members photo, caption or not attached to that photo try engage with the piece of work, note every detail down – the sky, the objects, the colour and then try gauge the mood that photo was taken under. My reason for this is I think when the majority of us look at a photo we think how stunning it is, but I don’t think we analyse the photo. I’m not particularly in the best of moods today so my photos would probably all be darkish but I sure think that would be a great exercise for us all.

Writers block, What Is It?

So I have decided to tackle the ever asking question “what is writers block?” In the dictionary writers block is defined as “the condition of being unable to write or how to proceed with writing:

However, in my opinion and as a writer who has been suffering from writers block for quite some time and unable to tend to the books I have started writing in the past I am not sure its as simple as that. And so, that definition is wrong, either that or it has not been defined properly. Most people who suffer from writers block are already accomplished writers and even authors but something has triggered that block. Many of us know how to proceed but the will to proceed is what counts.

A few nights ago I went out with two friends of mine and one of them said to me that he didn’t understand writers block, now with the other two of us who write fairly consistently, me in the term of blogging, more so than tending to my books and the other being a content writer for his business both understand writers block in our definition. I personally do not believe that writers block can be defined as one thing. I think it is a phrase that depends very much on the writer, their definition of it and how they may be blocked. For instance, me, myself and I…

I have inherited my fathers writing genes and the first creative piece which was read in assembly at my primary school in Zimbabwe was from a dream I had had and at school I turned that dream into a mini-story and enhanced on it and added twists…then that was that. A few years later into my teens I started writing a novel which starts off in the Belgian-Congo during the uprising between 1960 – 1964. Some time later I lost what I had started of that manuscript but in all that time I kept the beginning in my mind. But not only that, I started another book which is set in modern day Montana in the United States which starts in Seattle in Washington State for that I have done comprehensive research from  agricultural, meteorological, historical, geographical and legal research. Sadly though, I do feel I am at a point where I need hands on research. I have also fairly recently started writing another novel which is set in modern day Zimbabwe of which I won’t discuss the ins and outs of as this piece I might definitely shelve as the future of Zimbabwe now looks like it might just be a very different and better future than the one I had in my mind when I started writing it. However, when it comes to writing I cannot proceed, I know what I want to write and how I want to write it but the motivation and the imagination I cannot muster. Now those who know me know I have a passion for equestrianism, they know I have a passion for horses and believe in the bond between man and horse, I have always got inspiration while on horseback or just spending time with horses – riding through the bush pretending I am in the Wild West and being a regular African cowboy and putting my horse in full gallop or herding cattle. Or just an easy moonlight ride where there is nothing but you, the horse, the sounds of the night, the stars, the moon. That to me enhances the imagination and was often inspired to write while riding.

So anyway, my one friend asks me how or why am I blocked. A question of the ages, yet quite simply answered – for me there is no imagination. I feel like I have no one or anything to share my heart with and that is where I believe writers block starts. It starts in the heart because that is where your creativity comes from, whatever you are writing or painting that is where it comes from – it starts in your heart, it starts with your passion and then it moves to your mind. One thing I have always believed is that if you do not write with your heart you will not produce anything of substance. And so when you feel no heart what you usually tend to write is not there – thus if you have no heart, there is no mind. Nothing in the heart, there can be nothing in the mind. For instance, the best poems I have ever written were a couple of years ago, material I have destroyed but the words are inside me because I was inspired by how I felt and how I was feeling.

But what is ones person of writers block is not the definition – the definition is defined by the writer. I for one feel empty, I feel like I have nothing inside to write for and so as such my stories sit in my cloud storage facility gathering cyber-dust and this to me is what writers block is. There is nothing to write for from the heart.

What I have found works for me in the past is reading what I have written and then taking it from there. Although there was once a time when I could sit and write and write without any disturbance. Perhaps one day I will find that part again but it is definitely all about your heart and it being in the right place.

And so, if you are suffering from writers block don’t push it, don’t try and force it but have a look see whats in your heart and take it from there…

Zimbabwe: So Wrong Yet So Right.

As most of the world is aware now Zimbabwe finally got its freedom from Robert Mugabe. We look at the overall freedom of Zimbabwe and where it is at and where its going. Is it a bright future and what does it mean for the future of the living jewel of Africa.

But, first before I continue I want to explain my initial excitement to those who would have read the previous blog which may have caused some confusion,The Happiness of Being…Wrong (on Zimbabwean Political Analysis)– you see, I have never been a ZANU-PF man, nor a Mugabe supporter and as I said in the afore mentioned piece I had always believed and analysed that Emmerson Mnangagwa was going to take the presidency with hostility and bloodshed. However, when the time came it was done professionally with minor bloodshed. My analysis as to why Mnangagwa would take it with extreme violence was because of his history, especially that of the Gukurahundi between 1983 – 1984 (Click Here) and so when the coup happened on the morning of 14 November (Click Here) I analysed that it would go horribly wrong and that Mugabe’s allies would then regroup thus ensuing a full on civil war. But then what happened in the following days surprised me and made me one of the happiest self styled Zimbabwean political analysts ever, especially with the march of solidarity on the 18th of November (Click Here) where the people of Zimbabwe stood shoulder to shoulder with the Army to demand Robert Mugabe’s resignation. This ultimately made me extremely happy because never in the history of Zimbabwe had every single race, creed and religion come together with the Army, shoulder-to-shoulder. This, whichever way we want to look at is an unprecedented move and an incredible action. This then made me believe that the entire time of analysing Mnangagwa’s rise to power was wrong, this made me an extremely happy man. For once in all my years of analysing the situation back home I was wrong on and I held back tears of joy, the entire day after the march and seeing how well it went and seeing photos of civilians and ZNA soldiers standing as one I was holding back the tears – at the time it felt like accumulated tears over the years that had been suppressed and as I don’t cry easily any more (for various personal reasons) it felt like I needed to go somewhere and let them come out (as there has only ever been one person in my adult years that I am comfortable to let her see my tears). But I didn’t, I kept them in, I didn’t go anywhere and I found something else to put my mind on. At that point I genuinely believed and wanted to believe that Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa had changed. It was obvious that this was all him through his strongest ally, General Chiwenga, Head of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. This indeed was a time to celebrate, or…so I thought and so did many others and sadly, so do many others. The euphoria of Mugabe’s departure has not died for many Zimbabweans, across the globe – but not only Zimbabweans, those in the West. It is only the few that have been forced to see the reality of the situation.

Now reality has sunk in many of us have been able to see Mnangagwa in his true image, the real Emmerson Mnangagwa, His Excellency, President of Zimbabwe Emmerson D. Mnangagwa who has not changed whatsoever. A man who has the blood of over 20, 000 Ndebele women, men and children on his hands, lives snuffed out, massacred and pitted in mass graves stretching across the Matabeleland Province of Zimbabwe, lifeless bodies thrown down misused mine shafts. Now, thinking about that doesn’t really aspire much confidence does it? To me it originally did as I genuinely thought that despite that evil he had possibly changed, especially after all his positive speeches. I was naive and I was hoping for a better future, a better beginning for every Zimbabwean regardless of race, creed, religion, the same future dreamt of by the late Josiah Tongogara, one of Robert Mugabe’s commanders during the war against Rhodesia and white minority rule. A man who had no trust in Mugabe’s leadership of Zimbabwe and he himself is on record as having said that if Mugabe were to take over Zimbabwe he would ruin the country. I was hoping for a new Zimbabwe in which all could thrive, in which democracy would be born, in which there was inclusiveness and progression. But, sadly this has been a dream short lived, a dream we could all stand as one Zimbabwe; one people, once voice, one nation. A dream where we became the shining beacon of hope for not only the Southern African region but for the entire continent where tears of blood were all finally dried up, we were one people – No tribal division, no racial division – we were one. A perfect dream, a dream one would hope for…that is until we learn the truth of the situation and that nothing has actually changed. It is like public transport – change the conductor but the system remains in place

Josiah Tongogara’s dream was similar to mine and who I thought would now finally be able to rest in peace as the man who ordered his assassination was finally gone and the man who he fought side by side with was now in charge and seemed to have come around. Sadly though this has not been the case.

I have, from contacts, including in the ZNA military intelligence received word that all is not as well as should be, people are still going missing, people are still being tortured. Below is a screen shot of a message I received from a contact of mine back home and a political analyst. For his protection I have annotated his identity:

And then yesterday I found an interesting analysis (Click Here) of which brought home some home truths of how it was done, again…bringing another analysis of mine to bear. Mugabe, in a sick, twisted way was holding Zimbabwe together, despite the poverty, despite the political and racial tension. There is however no doubt in my mind though that when the Army took over that night that when they said they deemed it necessary or else it would lead to a bloody war they had it right. However, this now does lead us to the question, where does this leave us now?

Here we have a man who has an extremely bloody and evil history who now wields exceptional power of one of continents most powerful and professional armies (all we have to do to see how professional they are is to see how they carried out the coup and the message they sent to the world to see that)

Soooooo, now…where does this leave the current and future generation? Scarily in a more precarious situation than under Mugabe. After so much hope from Zimbabweans all across the world, those, who, like myself believed that he HAD changed. His succession to power will in the future bring more bloodshed to the table, this is clear and this is happening as we speak. He has already stated in his inauguration speech that ZANU PF is here to stay, there will be no change. War veterans with NO political qualifications or experience are being given top administrative posts.

So, all so wrong but so right, in the end. My analysis was originally wrong but is slowly and surely….and very sadly coming true. For once in my life before I get to my forties I would like to stop analysing the wrong thing right and finally analyse the right thing wrong. This is weighing heavy on my mind and my heart, other than other personal stuff. These are very much broken dreams which will lead to an even darker Zimbabwe whereas not too long ago it looked like it was finally stepping into the light. My ending question now is. What is to happen to the tears of blood I dreamt would dry up? What now for the future generations of Zimbabwe, what now for the thousands of Zimbabweans that were dreaming of a brighter future, a future without Mugabe – but now almost a future where Mugabism is operating with all clogs turning…