I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1979 and now live in the UK.

I have a passion for writing and have several books in the pipeline which are all works of fiction (mentioned in the post Script-to-Screen) which I have also mentioned that I have recently started a screenwriting course of which I have been interested in pursuing for the last few years. I also have a passion for horses and dogs and as soon as I am able want to invest in a puppy German Shepherd, which is my best breed. I think that is important so as to train it the way I feel is necessary rather than adopting a dog which I cannot train up from young but I appreciate that people want to adopt and can – this I believe is why people choose this route rather than adopt, to train up a dog to their required specifications, as well as it being an extension of yourself.

My hobbies are writing, taekwondo, hiking, photography, horse riding & equestrianism and dog walking. I am fiercely loyal to my friends and family and will give anyone the shirt off my back to help them, though this has worked against me a few times. I have interests in military history, American Studies, British and Roman history. I am also fascinated by language & culture and speak French, Italian, Spanish and Polish notions as well as speak Shona fluently (the native language of Zimbabwe).

As time goes on I hope to keep all my followers/readers updated with my progress on my screenwriting course, as well as the other projects I have. My blog is very ***NOT*** niche of which I hope to keep it as but I will aim to keep it mainly along my writing. I also hope that as time goes on I can incorporate a vlog (for those who do not know what vlogging is please click the hyperlink for more information). This  self-hosted website stuff is all new to me and some of it is a sharp learning curve but its fun and I hope that in the future something can come of it.

I’d like to thank you all for joining me, it means a lot.