Would Cafetieres Be a Good Essential for Caffe’s?

A decent cup of coffee and a croissant cannot be beaten but coffee, cryptocurrency, blogging – heck, here, I write about it all and to be honest, who doesn’t love a decent cup of coffee? Whether at home or at a caffe/coffee house, I mean one of those cups where you sit back, take a sip of coffee and you just sit back from the taste and the smell of a good roast. Now generally I grew out of instant coffee in my twenties but, there is one on the market which I actually quite like which is Nescafe’s, Azera AmericanoI find it smooth and it goes down well, but other than that I like a good cup of PG Tips and this might horrify some people but dunking the odd custard cream is what is needed.

As a blogger/writer who sometimes finds his inspiration in caffe’s I have always wanted to be able to have a cafetiere next to me, and this is something which would be very handy to have. I tend to visit the ever friendly and great coffee house of Costa which have great blends from all over the place, but it has an amazing alternative blend from Colombia. I’d highly recommend it the next time you pop into Costa if you’re in, or if you’re a visitor to the UK and require a good blend or great atmosphere, pop into your nearest Costa and ask for the Colombian blend, if ordering an Americano.

Another thing I have noticed since frequenting this particular branch of Costa’s is there are a lot of business meetings so this would again be a handy addition, in my opinion.

A few years ago I had a meeting at Costa near Trafalgar Square in London to discuss the possibility of getting my fathers book, Lost in Africa republished  and sitting there I was wishing we could have had a cafetiere as it would save going up to get another coffee when you’re in full swing. I also find that as a writer, when you’re in full swing but need a cup of coffee you have to go up to get another cup of coffee at the counter, so a cafetiere, in my opinion would be a great addition in a caffe/coffee house.

So, believe it or not and coffee connoisseur, will know this but there are different kinds of cafetiere’s. According to an article in the Independent these are eight best cafetiere’s, and for the love of coffee, why not have a variety?

  • Bodum Chamford Coffee Maker
  • Grosche Madrid Cafetiere
  • EM Skelton Press Coffee Maker
  • Espro Coffee Travel Press
  • Skelton Theo French Press
  • ProCook Satin Stainless Steel Double Wall Cafetiere
  • Le’Xpress Plastic Cafetiere
  • Marks & Spencer Classic 3-Cup Cafetiere

Of course what we are speaking about here is Caffe’s which come with a buzz, with patrons coming and going, barista’s working hard to ensure that hot and summer cold drinks are produced as quickly and as professionally as possible and sometimes with all of that accidents happen. Naturally the justification which is practical and solid is that having a few cafetiere’s would take up space but would also be breakable but to remedy this you seek out which is the most practical, for not only the guests but also for the staff in their busy lifestyle. So I’d naturally say that the best cafetiere for the job is the Le’Xpress Plastic Cafetiere for its durability. If you were to ask me which would be my favourite for design reasons I think it would be the Bodin Chamford Coffee Maker but as its a coffee house I think practicality must come into play here.

What roast?

Personally my favourite blend of ground coffee is a Waitrose blend, 1 Kenya AA 100% arabica ground coffee227g – it is delicious and smooth with a great smell and couldn’t recommend it more to other coffee lovers but most coffee establishments come with their own in-house ground coffee blends. So far my favourite coffee house blend is Costa’s own.

Needless to say that if I had my own caffe/coffee house cafetiere’s would definitely be an essential as there will always be a need for them and I personally believe that they should be used more.

What is your favourite coffee maker and why? Do you think, or feel that cafetiere’s would be a handy addition to caffe’s? Do you have a favourite blend of ground coffee?