Wealth: At What Cost?

“Wealth can be wonderful, but you know – success can test one’s mettle as surely as the strongest adversary”. Akiro the Wizard, Conan the Barbarian

(A real truth to come out of Hollywood)

Today I want to touch on wealth and to what extent we are to go to get it. At what cost. Lately I have got involved in the whole cryptocurrency rage and what actually made me want to write this post was a certain article I found while googling the future analysis of Bitcoin. This article entitled “The Biggest Deal In Dragons’ Den History, That Can Make YOU Rich In Just 7 Days! (Seriously)” intrigued me, since it also included the infamous Dragons Den, probably the entrepreneurs best entertainment in the UK. I opened the link and the first paragraph read:

“Appearing on BBC Two’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, two best friends from university pitched their idea for an automated bitcoin trading platform, called Bitcoin Loophole. The idea was simple: allow the average person the opportunity to cash in on the bitcoin boom. Even if they have absolutely no investing or technology experience.

A user would simply make an intial deposit into the platform, usually of £250 or more. The user should open a position on Bitcoin and let the trend do the work for him

The entrepreneurs intend to make money from their platform by charging a small commission on only the profits a user generates. They asked the Dragons for £200,000 for 25% of the company, valuing the company at £800,000.

To demonstrate the power of their company’s platform the entrepreneurs had Deborah Meaden deposit £250 live on the show”.

Some alarms did ring in my head throughout the article due to the grammatical mistakes but as not many journalists pay much attention to grammar these days I let it slide – obviously this intrigued me but then I started doing some research and found plenty of reviews pointing out that it is indeed a scam, I mean, of course – look at the incredible monetary figures and it is attractive to the immediate human eye and then you read the reviews which make it appear to be genuine and then later on when you think about it, what went through your mind when reading it the first time to then forcing your hand to do some research, I will imbed a video from YouTube regarding this, including several links after going on a rampage to back this blog up.

But, why I am here is to ask you how far you are willing to go for wealth, what is the cost of your humanity for wealth? Would you be prepared to risk your relationships, your marriages, friendships?

Its a proven fact that over the decades and centuries that wealth have consumed everything that is human about us and its torn families apart and ruined people – its destroyed their very character.

And so, do you think you could become wealthy and stay true to yourself and those who love you? Could you still be the person that you were when you were brought into this life? How do you think you could find a balance between that wealth and remaining exactly who you are?

Of course, it could be the same as the principal I believe. Money is not the route of all evil, it is the one who wields it. They can choose to either do good, or they can choose to do bad. It is exactly like a firearm. It is not the gun that chooses to do the wrong, it is the person choosing to wield that firearm. It is all down to your personal choices and mental toughness.

Could you find the balance between wealth and remaining who you are?

So, wealth at what cost?

Anyway, as I promised, after my research the below links are what I found regarding the scam, Bitcoin Loophole. The second one is from Mr Peter Jones the dragon himself.

Important Links: