My First Impressions of Melbourne, Derbyshire.

Melbourne Pond, taken on my iPhone and then enhanced it on Photoshop Express
Melbourne Pond, taken on my iPhone and then enhanced it in Photoshop Express.

A week ago this past Saturday I relocated from Guildford, Surrey of what had become my home in over the decade that I’ve lived in the UK, I culturalised and in that time I obviously swung into the Surrey/London way and pace of life, so having come from Zimbabwe and a farming background I would have settled into life in Melbourne quickly had I come here first, but, Surrey became my home and in over the ten years that I lived there I think it would only be natural. I grew accustomed to the way of life there and life’s faster paces than I am coming across here in the East Midlands of the UK.

I have already done my rounds of town and met some people and on Thursday last week I had to get a key cut and so I went to the local cobbler, a decent chap, probably standing at the same height as myself (5.5ft), a pretty broad accent and it turned out he originally hails from Sheffield but prefers the slower pace of life – like…here. I am sure we have all heard that phrase “talk for England”, well, he sure does that saying proud – as I am still pretty “Surreyfied” I do find it difficult to keep on chatting and if I feel like I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hurry, but also, I have become a bit of an introvert, but, I think that might just be circumstantial rather than who I have actually become, perhaps? Then I met the woman who cut my hair, again, could talk for England, well…she’s a hairdresser, what hairdressers can’t talk for England? (no offence hairdressers). Then I also met my hosts boss, again, a nice fellow. The folks that I have met are friendly enough. I even got lost yesterday on my way home (after a very annoying yet embarrassing occurance involving my iPhone screen – I cringe and to avoid embarrassment I shan’t be blogging about that) and had to ask directions to my street – how embarrassing is that? Its so small here I may have gotten away with “excuse me, do you know where I live?” and they’d probably know already. We’re in the back end of nowhere and so…we don’t need satnavs to find where we live, we just ask the towns folk.

And then On Monday I went for a slight wander to see some of my new surroundings. I went to Melbourne Pond and how beautiful can you get, absolutely gorgeous, very picturesque and falls onto a manor (above photo). It sure is a very beautiful area.

I have found the people of Melbourne friendly and welcoming. Due to the fact that Guildford, Surrey became my home in over the decade I’ve been in the UK it will take a while to fully adjust to the much slower pace of life and so today I am in Derby sat in Costa having an Americano and tending to my blog, but I am confident that I will get used to it and though London and my friends are all down south they are but a train or bus ride away. This however might be a prelude to a completely different life, who knows – time will tell.

So here I am, a new change and a new pace of life, who knows where this new path will lead…

Edit: Back to Surrey…

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