Harpur’s of Melbourne – Second Time Around

So, this being my second time around at Harpur’s of Melbourne but to check out their breakfast menu. My first review, Harpur’s of Melbourne, was my first time eating here as a friend of mine had come over from Birmingham and so this was the first restaurant I tried and since then have decided a big part of the reviews will be reviewing Melbourne pubs and restaurants/eateries, while I’m here.

So the plan was to have the harpur’s full which consists of pork & leek sausage, bacon, black pudding, baked beans, grilled plum tomato, flatcap mushroom, free range eggs, wholemeal or white toast being at £8.95 a meal, not bad going – however, as I am not overly fond of baked beans or mushrooms I opted not to have either, which I hope won’t impede a successful review; I have no doubt for those that do like either, or they will be perfect.


As I opted not to have the mushroom or baked beans I chose to have an extra rasher of bacon, I should have had an extra egg as it already came with two rashers but the breakfast itself, as the lunch a few weeks ago was done to perfection.

A slightly amusing instance was the reaction when I mentioned my previous review to the barmaid and asked if it had been sent on to them by head office, she then asked if I blogged to which I said yes it was why I was here, to do my second review, she then sounded nervous of which I assured she had nothing to be nervous about as everything was fine to which she replied they weren’t even prepared; as I said to her, its like a mystery shopper, its not designed to make anyone prepared, its there to surprise them, to catch them off guard.

I then tended to my blog with a lovely glass of fresh orange juice.
I then tended to my blog with a lovely glass of fresh orange juice.

But the breakfast was delicious, the service was good, the bar area was spotless and there are no complaints from me in general. I have found both Kate and Hayley’s service second to none.

I do look forward to reviewing the hotel and further reviews in the future. I will be reviewing other Melbourne eateries in the future to mix it up a bit, so if you’re in Melbourne and see this review, see you around – look forward to seeing what you have to offer in cuisine and service.

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