A Limitless You


How many of you have seen the movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper? I love that film.

If any of you have you will know its about a guy who discovers a top secret drug, a mental stimulant in short. I’ve researched it and there is actually a mental stimulant on the market called Optineuro which helps in increased focus & concentration and judging from the reviews the stuff actually works.

But, going back to the film and its title – the lesson to learn about life is just that, limitless – no medication, just good old fashioned healthy living and a good diet and fitness. If we choose to live our lives to the full and focus on our goals, focus on the future; life is truly limitless – no stimulants just focus, just pure “I’m gona go for it and I’m gona make it mine and I will not lose”.

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And truly, who needs a drug when you have yourself, when you have your mind and your dreams? Who needs a drug when you have your abilities and that YOU have the ability to do what YOU want…when you have the POWER to make everything you dream of and want?

To me the moral of the story at the end of Limitless is that you do not need an easy pill to make everything you are to be actioned – all you need is…YOU, no secret or magic formula, just a dream…

Motivate yourself, be a go-getter and make it yours. You are limitless.

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