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When I was given the encouragement to create my own webpage and take it from wordpress.com to my own domain by the guy who is now hosting my page I thought about it but again today I have learnt yet another lesson within my journey. When I came up with gtaylorblogging.com I didn’t think about the full distance, I didn’t really think about the goal, I didn’t think about my full potential as a writer, I thought about just a very small part of it, blogging. I didn’t think about the long term, I thought about the interim. I went as far as thinking about implementing vlogging into the future of my journey, that’s as far as I went…

The problem is, so I have noticed within the last two days is I have not applied myself into thinking about the future, into “GOING THE DISTANCE” and that distance is as I have said above, my full potential as a writer. And what started this was a website I found entitled Helping Writers Become Authors which naturally made me think of the draft stories I have in place, not the biographical drafts I have started on but the novels. And on going through this website yesterday I noted each and every little detail of the creation of the website, the site owners/authors words and pieces, as well as blog updates.

My problem here is I created gtaylorblogging, the problem with this is it doesn’t encompass much at all on the writing circuit, but…as it says, blogging, so it is a blog and so I have decided that in September 2017 I will be closing this page down and will be moving it to a whole new website which will be embodied in writing, generally. I need a website which will be focused on writing which focuses on the whole thing, blogging, as well as writing in general. So, the creation of a new website is in motion.

This is just like everything else in life, its a continuous lesson. This is the price of not thinking of the end goal and have only lost out on £4.00, the bigger picture. Not thinking about what it could become, only thinking about a very small part of the goal. About Going The Distance…

Edit, 21 June, 2017:

I have thought about this and through the advice of an entrepreneurial friend of mine who has seen my potential as a writer I will be keeping this website going, as is but will be creating a whole new niche website.

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