Forsaken (2016)

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A western which I like to describe as the western of heart I have been waiting for. Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore, Brian Cox and Michael Wincott.

John Henry Clayton (Kiefer Sutherland) returns home after many years away after first going to the civil war and then having become a gunslinger. He returns to his estranged father Reverend Clayton (Donald Sutherland) to find his mother having passed away. Their community has come under threat from a ruthless businessman (Brian Cox) clearing the way for the railroad with a band of ruthless outlaws who has also hired a gunslinger and gentleman, Dave Turner (Michael Wincott).

As westerns have become a dying genre I feel that this film has not been given the credit that it deserves. Filmed in Alberta, Canada this film offers spectacular scenery and the movie itself is heartfelt. My feeling is that many reviewers and critics have become corrupted by the later westerns which offer special effects and stunts that would have been unusual back in the day and not expected of a cowboy back then, whereas Forsaken is filmed in a classic style western and offers much more reality than most modern westerns. Of course everyone enjoys the modern films with explosions and gunfights which in all reality would not be possible and in real life would get the “gunslinger” killed, we all need an escape from reality at times but Forsaken keeps it real, there are no special effects to speak of and the scenes that take place are from a scenario which could happen.

Demi Moore, being the most beautiful woman to come out of Hollywood, to date plays her part very well, as usual and Michael Wincott is probably the best character in this film, a gentleman who has been hired to do a job and is not your typical bad guy. Donald Sutherland is as usual very good as is Cox. Who’s character you will come to dislike intensely, but as we all know, Cox plays a bad guy very well.

What else makes this for me is the father-son cast between Donald and Kiefer.

If you are anything like me who loves a good western you will feel like you know the characters. I love how this movie was written and enjoy the pace of the film and the story. It keeps it real.

What I also find helps me with a film is watching the extras before I watch the feature film (once I purchase it on DVD/Blu-Ray) to see what the cast and crew went through to make the story a possibility to best fit their audience. In the making of the film there is an amusing part with Michael Wincott who’s words are “seconded” by the whinnying of one of the on-set horses.

My review is entirely of my own opinion, we all have our preferences. You should watch this film and judge for yourself, but if you like a western this is a must watch. All the roles are played well.

Take a watch, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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