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I was thinking about my blog a lot yesterday and the content that I wanna add and share with you all but I am wanting to take this a lot more seriously, but, also strike a balance between what I originally created it for, so almost as in the same light as working at a passion but in its original identity.

So up to a couple of days ago I really had no plans on any direction on where I wanted to take this blog, asides from stepping away from all the politics, all I had in mind was to keep it as a hobby blog until a graphic designer who has done some excellent work for me in the recent past and read my blog who is also a blogger and an Internet entrepreneur so also hosts with his own server and has made an offer that I might be foolish to refuse. So obviously this has spurred a lot of thinking on other opportunities and ideas for my blog, this also includes vlogging and reviews, so taking this straight to another level and out of my comfort zone but I have confidence in the fact that it’s all stuff I am interested in rather than put myself in a corner by writing about stuff that I don’t know anything about. I’m not sure on my confidence on vlogging though so will keep thinking, there is a question mark on that front. Though there is that adage that we can do anything we put our mind to (without being arrogant and opinionated about it, rather be prepared to learn lessons and be prepared to fail but grow from failures without letting them impede us from carrying on.)

But, I was also talking with my sister on the phone this morning and the politics issue came up and my opinions were definitely turning me into an ugly version of myself so this new route and these new ideas are a great thing for me, its adding a whole new energy, am not so cranky, am more focused and a lot happier.

This is great, I’m starting from the ground up and with help but it’s help that we all need in the world and I’m excited about it. I have no idea where this will end up, I don’t aim to find any get rich quick schemes and I doubt this is something which will make me rich. But all great ideas always started from something small, everything great came from a vision, Apple and Microsoft included. Am not saying I’m intending on becoming anything as great as what the visionary, Steve Jobs created as this is just a blog (any ideas that I’m an Apple/Mac fan?) but its an idea, as Victor Hugo said, “There’s nothing greater than an idea whose time has come”…

I have absolutely no idea where this will end up but for now I am happy with what I’m coming up with.

Hope you will join me on my journey and grow with me, while I grow.

Thanks all, have a  great weekend.

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