Beware of Dream Killers

So I think we go through phases in life where we all dare to dream, we get visions of where we want to be and who want to be – the only problem with this is there are always dream killers, usually friends and family that will say anything and do anything to destroy our dreams.

But remember, this is your life, it is your dream – do not listen to those who put you down, do not listen to those who will not encourage you, do not listen to those that dissuade you. It is YOUR dream. The ones that you should encircle your life with are the ones that help you, people that build you, those that will help you push you to the top.

“Support and lack of support, encouragement and discouragement will always weed out the genuine from the not so genuine and visa-versa, from those who have moved on and those who choose to remain, those who believe in you and those who do not – harsh realities but true. Not everyone who befriends you believes in you, not everyone who smiles at you is a friend. Choose carefully, if not, time and life will choose for you”.

It is your life and remember, its your vision. Use the fact that someone tells you that you can’t do something to prove to them that you can.

To those that are dream killers; it is not your dream, it is not your vision, if you cannot help a friend or family member to get to where they want to get to, say nothing. Success is not competition, it is self-validation. Walk away if you have nothing nice to say or do to help.

“Always seek to encourage – not discourage, to build – not destroy, aspire – not scorn”

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