Good Souls

Greetings folks, readers, followers, hope you’re all well. To those in the UK I hope your long weekend went well.

Yesterday I spoke with one of my best buds who lives in Devon in Exeter, one of the most inspirational, down to earth, caring people I have ever met. He’s got one of those souls that could cheer anyone up; he could turn a grey, stormy day into sunlight alone with his demeanour, one of the most focused people on the face of this earth that I have ever met and known.

He was telling me about a night out on Saturday night in Devon with another pal of his and he was saying that they were the only two in the whole of Devon on a night out dressed as pirates, in fact…they were the only two dressed in fancy dress. Now, knowing my bud he would have milked it, loads of fun and he explained that as he was drawing cash out the ATM there was this homeless guy, looking pretty drained, unenthusiastic and not happy with life and having been homeless myself for a while I know the feeling, it isn’t pleasant. So my mate was telling me about the events that followed and knowing what he’s like could put a picture to it and hear his voice, but not only that, this is Devon so pretty easy to imagine the whole pirate thing.

Now, I can do the whole pirate voice and I can do the whole Exet’r accent but what I can’t do is type pirate or Exeter (except “Exet’r”) so you will have to do the imagining. Imagine if you will you’re sitting there, homeless, hungry and feeling a wee bit dilapidated, and life is taking its toll on you. Nobody is stopping, nobody is being nice to you and perhaps some nasty person has even said something to you, it just ain’t your day, you’re done, you’re certifiably finished and maybe even think that you can’t put up with much more of what life is dishing out (have been there so that is from experience). Then out of the blue two guys come your way and one of them is pretty bouncy and generally a happy person, but, is this guy sane? He is dressed as a pirate and “oh heck, he’s dressed as a pirate, has he been released from the loony bin? Is he any relation to Blackbeard? But without the…ummm…beard” – anyway, he takes a seat next to you but starts speaking to you, and what makes it worse is the guy is actually talking pirate but, instead of mocking you or talking you down and making fun of you speaks strength and confidence into you, however you wanna take it, mantras, spoken prayer, whatever you wanna take it as. He is literally saying “you have what it takes to pull through this, you have the strength…o’argh, ye gonna pull thru, ye got the strength”.

And with that leaving the guy happier and putting a smile on his face and probably even leaving him with something to think about and leaving him with some hope.

But my pal has that demeanour, you can be the most down you have ever been, you can be in the heaviest emotional pain you have ever been in and he can just pick you up, just like that.

If only life was filled with more real, genuine and kind hearts like that, it would be an infinitely better world.

I thought that was a great story to share with you all.

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