The Beginning of Crypto for Me: LiteCoin.

Recently I decided to delve into the whole world of cryptocurrency after having seen an investment app on the AppStore, Bux where you can supposedly invest from as little as GBP£0.25p, now obviously if you have any sense before you download an app, through any of the platform stores (AppStore, Google Play, Windows Phone Store) you read the reviews and so I obviously read the reviews, and especially if its finance related you don’t want to invest money into something that you’re going to make a loss on – even though it is risky playing on the markets, even if was the minimal sum of investing from £0.25p, sure…no one wants to lose even £0.25 in this day & age. So obviously, before anyone does any investing of any kind they must do their research and everyone knows that the world of cryptocurrency is a volatile one, we’ve seen nightmare stories of people who have lost their entire livelihoods over Bitcoin, affected marriages, broken homes but if you look at why, they have not invested wisely, they’ve invested with one word that comes to mind…GREED, lots of human sharks out there, mind you, I’d give a lot more credit to a Great White than a lot of humans. And what have they got in the process? Buried in debt, lost family, lost friends. Simply because they haven’t been cautious. But, at the same time that we have seen tremendous losses (click here), we have also seen tremendous successes (click here) and one such guy who lost through Bitcoin but then made it back, substantially (click here) – I found an interesting analysis you should read.

One other thing I have taken note of is Miner One, based in Sweden which I do intend on looking at more in-depth when I am in more a situation to do so.

How Did it Start for me:

Interestingly on the app post I saw on Facebook I saw a Facebook user asking if it worked, I naturally thoughtfully replied that it had awful reviews. Moments later there was a response from who is now my mentor notifying me of this programme to get involved in Litecoin and so I risked it for a biscuit and instantly PM’d them and we spoke about it, I invested in 0.1LTC (Litecoin) at GBP£15.00 with an interest base rate of 1.4% per day (0.35% every six hours), if I however refer someone to the system, depending how much they invest I will get 10% as soon as they invest and every time they reinvest and that is how the system works. This will be the same for anyone. So if I refer Joe Bloggs, he comes on board by clicking my referral link I provide him, or her…so that will be Joe Bloggs and, if its a she I guess it will be Joanna and when they refer someone they get 10% of whatever is invested and then later reinvested.

An Unexpected CHEAP jump to Bitcoin:

Cheap you say? Yes, I say cheap but, what is cheaper than FREE? You read right, free. My mentor once again sent me a message this morning with a referral link to free 0.0005BTC, once I reinvested I had 0.00050000BTC. I just now sit on that (or deposit). Every sum I deposit into the BitCoinReactor I will receive 162% return over the next thirty days. Even if I just sit on it, which I will as I don’t want to take too much of a risk due to the uncertainty behind cryptocurrencies, despite the various positive analysis given and the dramatic Bitcoin price surge this last week it is still important to be cautious, as is with any investment on the stock market. Remember, analysis is analysis, its just like a popularity poll prior to election day, as the past showed us with Brexit and Trump, a poll is just a poll…analysis is just analysis, though the analysis on Bitcoin has been a lot more accurate than Brexit or Trump ever were.

Where to After my Thirty Days:

Well, I could withdraw my free worth of Bitcoin but, as its free, do I? Logic says no, my gut instinct is telling me, no. So where to from here for me post thirty days? To a system called the BtcAutoBuilder (click here) which costs 0.0167BTC to join, roughly GBP£120.00 (at the current rate) – if the rate stays the same I should be able to cover it with my interest from the BitCoinReactor and then the games truly begin – but HOW do they begin you ask? Again, on a referral basis and so, I find two people who in turn find another two and therein begins a cycle until we get to level six and are then given twelve bitcoins each which at a current rate are worth, roughly GBP£79, 000 (which would total GBP£948, 000) and then you can call it a day and walk away or you can go and play the game elsewhere.

Interested in BtcAutoBuilder:

A minor catch here, an individual cannot just join BtcAutoBuilder, they require a sponsor who is already in the system and as I am not in the system at the moment I am not in a position to sponsor anyone and unless you have the patience then we can wait until the thirty days are up and I’d be more than happy to guide you through the process. If you don’t have the patience to wait for me I can refer you to my mentor who will in turn sponsor you in.

Got a Plan Batman:

And so, are you interested in the CryptoCurrency Revolution? Fancy going cheap on Litecoin to start? Fancy joining me on iCentre Lite Bot?

If you are drop me a message in the contact form below and we’ll take things from there by me sending you a referral link to the bot and we’ll get you zooming along the road to financial freedom…the crypto way and then hopefully we’ll continue our journey together in the BtcAutoBuilder – c’mon, whatcha say? Lets do this!



Embrace Life

So I’m writing this when I’m in much conflict with myself and so I’m not sure if I’m writing this to vent or to give a message, maybe its a bit of both.

On Friday 6th of April I attended my Niece’ pass off parade into the British Army, surrounded by my brother in law & sister and other family members we watched her troop and two others, accompanied by the Band of the Royal Logistics Corps, the pride that we all felt I am sure has got to the point where it is now indescribable, for me anyway. But for my brother in-law, sister, and my other niece and nephew it must have made them extremely proud to watch my niece and God daughter who I once cradled in my arms on a hot summers day in November 1994 in Zimbabwe on their wedding day, combined with niece’ Christening – she is now all grown up and turned into a great young lady who, as an uncle I have always been very proud of and I would be, whatever she had decided to pursue. But now she is a soldier in one of the best Armies in the world, a soldier and watching her pass off and marching to the sound of the band of the RLC was incredible.

Now everyone who knows me knows I was once on my way to joining the British Army in 2006, where I attended my Army Presentation at an Army Careers Information Office (ACIO) not far from where I live. As I am from a family of infantrymen that is what I decided on, the regiment I decided on is the oldest English line regiment but sadly it did not happen for me. As a Commonwealth applicant I faced some bureaucratic issues but for a number of years  I did not let this stop me and I even went as high as the Secretary of Recruiting for the regiment and a friend of mine even offered to try enlist the help of the then (now late) Colonel of the Regiment who was a personal friend of his but after a few years I realised that this was the British Army I was dealing with and no matter how hard I tried, in the words of the then Secretary of Recruiting it is embroiled in red tape that I cannot go under, around or over and I guess this is what makes it the professional entity it is. I cannot hold the Army or the government at fault for my entry having been unsuccessful and never have – I at least got as far as just before my British Army Recruiting Battery (BARB) test before I could not proceed.

Prior to the pass off parade my brother in law & I were sitting at a table and he went ‘this could have been you bud’ and then after the parade my sister went ‘are you gutted this didn’t happen for you?’ Yes, I always was but for the last couple of years I thought that “guttedness” was gone but as I was aiming to be infantry rather than trade my basic training would have been 26 weeks at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) on a 26 week Combat Infantryman’s Course (CIC) rather than at an ATC (Army Training Centre). For a number of years I was gutted as it was a dream I had as a child that I lost somewhere along the way and it was a little too late when I realised that it was still what I wanted. The timing was right as I was in my mid-twenties, so in my opinion the right time and it was only paperwork that stood in my way, even though the standard entry recruits would have been six/seven years my junior but I had plans for my career which I drew out at a time when I studied everything I could for my intended future, which sadly didn’t go according to plan. But, as I said I hold no one or anything accountable for my actions (or inaction) but myself.


In life there is no secret remedy, we don’t have a hard reset button, no time machine, no Delorean, no little blue phone box, no magic pill. We create our own present and future, we create the world around us and in that time we all need to remember that this is one life we have been given that we need to live, we have one shot and it is up to us and our actions how that future is dictated, whether we choose to be a soldier, whether we choose to be a doctor, a lawyer, a firefighter, police officer; whatever we choose it is up to us how we use that time and we should use it wisely because we cannot go back and change things, as much as we want to sometimes – reality dictates otherwise.

Pro’s & Cons of Not Being Able to Change Time:

The biggest con this has taught me is living with the fact that being a soldier is engrained in me, it is something that will never change inside of me and I will always click with soldiers and officers alike, no matter how much I think it has gone from me (because I did think it was until Friday) but more important than that, the pro’s that is the people and the friends that have come and stayed in my life and that is irreplaceable, like losing out on a great career. In that time the best thing that has happened to me is the friends I have made in that time, this is the best substitute and that is one thing I will never change for the world and as I am set as an infantryman and still being willing to give my life for Queen & country and the freedom of our democracy I would not change the people who have come into my life. One such person has come into my life and when I think about my relationship there I also think about the Army and that person comes first before the Army, every time. I couldn’t change that for the world.

The Greatest Lesson to Learn from This:

Live your life and live it to the best of your ability and doing what your heart wants and remembering you have one shot, there is nothing that will change it so make it count, give it your best shot so that one day you do not have to look back and hold regret. Live, love and be happy. You have one shot, make it count. You are your own sniper and your target is life, every single bullet counts.


Photography and Psychology.

I don’t really classify myself as a great photographer, not even remotely average but I like to dabble, I guess I’m just one of those stereotypical hobbyists who dreams but never really accomplishes anything great. I use my iPhone and recently downloaded a great app, ProCam5 (click here) which all you elite iPhone photography experts and photographers who use your iPhone as a trusty companion to your Canon or Nikon will either know or know of. The closest I’ve got to owning a pretty decent DSLR was a Nikon D3200 which a friend bought me with the standard VRII lens kit (now discontinued since there are now newer, much more impressive models on the market with better ease of function and other VERY cool functions. I sadly had to let that Nikon go due to something that was going on in my life at the time and had to get rid of it in a long painful story which could have changed my life for the better which seems to have affected me in the long term but they do say time is a healer. Lets not dilly dally on that though as the focus of this blog is photography and psychology – interesting mix but I am more a photographer than a psychologist, still an interesting over-lap between the two.

I have a number of friends who are much more talented than I am, we are mostly Nikon fans but another friend of mine who is a well established, successful wedding photographer is a Canon man (I know, we all can’t be perfect, right. I jest) but anyway, when it comes to photography I like landscape photography but we all have different interests in what our eye catches. Some it’s landscape, others it’s people, others its buildings etc. Another friend of mine from Hungary is also a fan of landscape photography and yesterday he took a photo and his caption in Hungarian was “current mood”. It was a stunning photo — black & white of a fallen tree across the river where I live. It pictured the mood brilliantly where there was only solitude and a single tree.

That then made me think of one of my photos that I took in February, was a fairly warm winters day, a few weeks  prior to the “Beast from the East”, that the UK keeps getting hit by. The view on its own as it was to the human eye was beautiful but as a storm was raging in the distance I felt a storm in side of me raging. And whilst there were black clouds in front of me, on my back the sun was shining on the grass. I decided to edit via Photoshop Express and below was the final result…

So with all this in mind isn’t it incredible how our love of photography can reflect our mood, it can reflect our mood perfectly, or terribly – depending on how you see it.

Anyway folks – here’s an excercise for all you who love photography, whether its just looking at photographs or shooting. The next time you see a friends or family members photo, caption or not attached to that photo try engage with the piece of work, note every detail down – the sky, the objects, the colour and then try gauge the mood that photo was taken under. My reason for this is I think when the majority of us look at a photo we think how stunning it is, but I don’t think we analyse the photo. I’m not particularly in the best of moods today so my photos would probably all be darkish but I sure think that would be a great exercise for us all.

Writers block, What Is It?

So I have decided to tackle the ever asking question “what is writers block?” In the dictionary writers block is defined as “the condition of being unable to write or how to proceed with writing:

However, in my opinion and as a writer who has been suffering from writers block for quite some time and unable to tend to the books I have started writing in the past I am not sure its as simple as that. And so, that definition is wrong, either that or it has not been defined properly. Most people who suffer from writers block are already accomplished writers and even authors but something has triggered that block. Many of us know how to proceed but the will to proceed is what counts.

A few nights ago I went out with two friends of mine and one of them said to me that he didn’t understand writers block, now with the other two of us who write fairly consistently, me in the term of blogging, more so than tending to my books and the other being a content writer for his business both understand writers block in our definition. I personally do not believe that writers block can be defined as one thing. I think it is a phrase that depends very much on the writer, their definition of it and how they may be blocked. For instance, me, myself and I…

I have inherited my fathers writing genes and the first creative piece which was read in assembly at my primary school in Zimbabwe was from a dream I had had and at school I turned that dream into a mini-story and enhanced on it and added twists…then that was that. A few years later into my teens I started writing a novel which starts off in the Belgian-Congo during the uprising between 1960 – 1964. Some time later I lost what I had started of that manuscript but in all that time I kept the beginning in my mind. But not only that, I started another book which is set in modern day Montana in the United States which starts in Seattle in Washington State for that I have done comprehensive research from  agricultural, meteorological, historical, geographical and legal research. Sadly though, I do feel I am at a point where I need hands on research. I have also fairly recently started writing another novel which is set in modern day Zimbabwe of which I won’t discuss the ins and outs of as this piece I might definitely shelve as the future of Zimbabwe now looks like it might just be a very different and better future than the one I had in my mind when I started writing it. However, when it comes to writing I cannot proceed, I know what I want to write and how I want to write it but the motivation and the imagination I cannot muster. Now those who know me know I have a passion for equestrianism, they know I have a passion for horses and believe in the bond between man and horse, I have always got inspiration while on horseback or just spending time with horses – riding through the bush pretending I am in the Wild West and being a regular African cowboy and putting my horse in full gallop or herding cattle. Or just an easy moonlight ride where there is nothing but you, the horse, the sounds of the night, the stars, the moon. That to me enhances the imagination and was often inspired to write while riding.

So anyway, my one friend asks me how or why am I blocked. A question of the ages, yet quite simply answered – for me there is no imagination. I feel like I have no one or anything to share my heart with and that is where I believe writers block starts. It starts in the heart because that is where your creativity comes from, whatever you are writing or painting that is where it comes from – it starts in your heart, it starts with your passion and then it moves to your mind. One thing I have always believed is that if you do not write with your heart you will not produce anything of substance. And so when you feel no heart what you usually tend to write is not there – thus if you have no heart, there is no mind. Nothing in the heart, there can be nothing in the mind. For instance, the best poems I have ever written were a couple of years ago, material I have destroyed but the words are inside me because I was inspired by how I felt and how I was feeling.

But what is ones person of writers block is not the definition – the definition is defined by the writer. I for one feel empty, I feel like I have nothing inside to write for and so as such my stories sit in my cloud storage facility gathering cyber-dust and this to me is what writers block is. There is nothing to write for from the heart.

What I have found works for me in the past is reading what I have written and then taking it from there. Although there was once a time when I could sit and write and write without any disturbance. Perhaps one day I will find that part again but it is definitely all about your heart and it being in the right place.

And so, if you are suffering from writers block don’t push it, don’t try and force it but have a look see whats in your heart and take it from there…